Planning a Creative Year

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might already know how much I like the time between November and January 1st, when we say good bye to the old year and await the new one. I see the new year as a great place to Start Anew, to refresh your mind, to think, plan and dream of all the wonderful things you’re going to be creating in the new year.

iHanna Planning a very creative 2020 - you can too!

I don’t even care that half of the ideas I list won’t happen this year either. I just try to enjoy the possibility to collectively (there is a lot of this mindset on blogs, instagram, YouTube and twitter right now) dream. It doesn’t have to be big dreams either…

Art Journaling

I think my most important plan for 2020 is to Art Journal “more” – ideally daily. To get back to the long lost habit of working in one book, and maybe document life there a bit more than I’ve been doing lately. I know that this is one of the things I long to do “more” of.

I long for more creativity in my life. How about you?

Art journaling is something that I think all of us would benefit from doing more. It is such a great instigator for thinking creatively, because it presents to many opportunities to explore, play, experiment and express self-love.

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More of Everything

To start I want to set up a place at home where I will have room for art journaling daily. I love the flow of something “daily” but I rarely can make it happen. But as I said, right now is the time to dream. It’s okay to fantasies about how awesome you’ll be next year, how every star will align for you…

I also want to write more often, paint a lot more, work on photo books like the one I wanted to make about my 365 Collage Project from 2018. My Idea List is super long!

I also need to re-find my love of yoga and walking, because my body don’t like me any more it seams. It wants me to move, and I’m all “I know dear, we’ll do it tomorrow” and I think my body won’t take that kind of answer any longer. In January I will join Yoga with Adrian on YouTube, as usual, and follow along with her challenge to start the year right. I would also like to meditate daily, if possible. But every other day will also work wonders for me, with all of these habits. It’s not what we aim for or plan but where we land and actually do that is important, right?

Planning for a Creative 2020

One Little Word

My word for 2019, never announced on the blog, was not in focus anyway. Right now I can’t even remember it… For this next year I have really been searching for one that I would like to keep close and work with, but it’s been a struggle to find one. I want to focus on my creativity, on health and feeling better mentally, on being more social, more open, on writing more, sharing more… But I also know that “more” is not my word, and maybe shouldn’t be anyone’s pick. It’s not considered to be very helpful when it comes to goal setting because it is not measurable. Five times a week, or “every second day” is a better goal than “more often” for example.

ikigai - Japanese for a reason for being, encompassing joy, the thing that gets you up in the morning

The only word so far that stuck in my head is the new-to-me concept of Ikigai, something I heard of by coincidence this autumn. Have you heard of it? It’s a buzz word right now, and it caught my attention because it seams to stand for a lot of what I’m interested in. It is a Japanese expression that according to Wikipedia means “reason for being” – i.e. what makes life worth living. If I do pick it, I will write more about it in another post.

What is your word of the year, if you pick one?

Also, Good bye Etsy

I ended my affair with Etsy last summer when my last digital download expired, and they asked their user to bake price and shipping cost into one and call it “free shipping”. It was kind of the drop, not only for me, but for a lot of Etsy Sellers. And looking at the statistics I know that almost all of my buyers find me through my blog anyway, not “on Etsy” as it is way too crowded for any seller that is not highlighted though an interview or special feature (or paying them to be seen) just as it is on Facebook these days. Plus it costs money just to list something, weather it ever gets sold or nor, there. I think that is wrong on so many levels, as I’ve already paid for materials and tools to make the things, added in my time and effort to make it, and don’t know if anyone will want to purchase that thing from me at this time. But still, just to show it of, I have to pay a fee. So it was time to say Good bye to Etsy in 2019.

Ending Etsy (stats & look of 2019)

So in 2020, I am hoping to open a new shop on my own site, selling both handmade journals and other items as well as digital downloads and collage papers. Keep an eye open for that shop, it’s going to be fun again to list things and share them here with you guys!

At the moment I’m sitting here with notebooks, loose papers, my bullet journal & diary, trying to think up what I want from myself and for myself in 2020. It’s a huge challenge, but also exciting. So very exciting!

Wishing you a Happy New Creative Year!

All the best

your friend on the internet

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4 Responses

  1. Just stopping by to say Hi and to wish you a Happy New Year. By the way, I love your word for the year, how cool is that?!

    I hope to do some art in 2020 and am sure at some point but just have so much other things I have to do that there never seems to be enough time (and I don’t even have a real job that I have to go to or anything and still … never seems enough time for anything!)

    You gave me an idea – I am going to find a word for 2020 (the one I really need is moderation since I have no sense of moderation in any aspect of my life – never have really.) : (

    Anyways, once I find the word, I am going to try to find another language to translate it to and then I’ll choose which language by which I like the best for my word of the year! LOL Hey – it’s something fun (hmm, yeah – maybe if I didn’t do things like this because I know me and I’ll end up spending hours trying to find just the perfect word and then more hours trying to find the perfection language for the word. No wonder I never have any time. Ha!)



    • Quick update – I found my word and changed it from moderation to intentional and in the Latvian language it translates to tisi (I am not sure how to get the things over the letters that should go there like a line and so on) but anyways, I heard the translation and it sounds as TEE-SHE.

      This is fun (hey, I have a boring life. Ha!) but thanks so much for the idea! : )

  2. The last few years have been hard ones for my family, so my year for 2020 is “build.” It’s time to build new habits and a new way of life. And to bring back the joy and benefits of creativity, which has been sorely lacking in my life recently.

    I don’t comment often, but I love your blog and your work. Looking forward to your new shop. Wishing all the best for you in the new year!

  3. I can’t wait to see your journal for 2020, I’ve been following for years and it’s always nice how you’re committed to your creative self. I’m not art Journaling these days mostly because I’m giving priority to knitting but I still love to follow and I know that one day I will art journal again.
    I love the word you chose! I never pick a word but I always consider to pick one every year. Mine might be focus as I love to dive into new projects but need to focus on the ones that I already have.
    Regarding the shop, etsy is really pushing people away, if you do need help setting up the shop let me know, I’ll be happy to help (totally serious, it’s my way to contribute to the amazing content you put out every year)

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