I didn’t give her a name, but she must be a Katt-i-fnatt, a cat that is a bit crazy but very happy and most probably dancing around singing
– Mi-mi-mi-miaaau-u-u-uh!


Licking her flowery and colourfull skin and smelling summer in the air with her pink flower bead nose.

I made her last week specially for the Design Market, and now I have to make more because somebody bought her! I’m also entrying her in the contest at favourite site whipup.net, where Kathreen mentioned one of my posts as a fave (thank you!). The contest this week is themed colours! What could be better than a cat that gives you crazy summer feelings and makes you long for natures colours?

Oh, she can’t stand by herself, but hehe, you can hang her by her tail, for example at the screen of your laptop! ;-)

Please add your comment and tell me what you think of her. Shall I make more?

PS: This is a summer kitten but not a summer abandoned cat. Don’t ever leave your kitten behind when you return to town from your summer holiday, please!

PS II: More cat craft to come soon, as promised (Oh, if you do hate cats, this is not a blog for you anymore I guess, I’m sorry, go bite yourself!).