That is one good thing about this world… There are always sure to be more springs.
L.M. Montgomery

Our fifth journal prompt of our spring challenge Fill a tiny journal is the word “spring”. This beautiful season that we’re in right now – at least on this side of the earth.

Fill a tiny journal (spring prompt presented) with Tammy and Hanna #fillatinyjournal

I was busy last week with the swap and then celebrating my birthday, but now it is time to share my page for spring. And let me tell you, spring is my favorite season…

It’s not my birthday, but it always feels like renewal of everything. And I have to stop all the time to snap photos of the flowers, because OMG, they’re adorable. And it is so very strange that they stick their heads out of the dirt with beautiful petals and make life so much more wonderful than it was yesterday. Right?

In any case, here’s my page.

Fill a tiny journal (spring prompt presented) by iHanna #fillatinyjournal

The flowers and the text I glued on top is directly from one of dad’s old gardening magazines. I looked for a spring issue in my stack, and grabbed this garden floor of Wood Anemons (vitsippa in Swedish) and used bit of it as background, focal image and a tip-in page with a heart on.

Wood Anemons in tiny art journal Fill a tiny journal (spring prompt presented) by iHanna #fillatinyjournal

The text is about how we should take our time, walk outside and simply enjoy the lovely spring with the birds chirping happily and the tiny flowers sticking their heads up through the soul once again.

Because what says spring more than these beautiful Wood Anemones?

The text above the heart on the left side says “Like all other springs it blooms this year as well”, and it felt very fitting to glue those words down even if they’re not my own. I feel so grateful for spring.

Fill a tiny journal (spring prompt presented) by iHanna #fillatinyjournal

Did you do a page about spring yet in your journal?

If you need some encouragement to go outside, to visit nature (more) then here are the words of the very knowledgeable Kelly, from her blog post Making the Invisible Visible:

Systems-aware neural pathways and ways of thinking must be taught, built, and strengthened with practice. Making time to be in nature is actually good for the health of the Earth!

It increases our Naturalist Intelligence, which improves our ability to systems think, which enhances our ability to make the invisible visible and thereby increases our ecological intelligence!

Who knew, right? I need to get out more.

Spring in Sweden Photos by Hanna Andersson

Join us and fill a tiny journal too

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