Each year I host an international and easy-going mail art swap that I call DIY Postcard Swap. It’s a great way to get some happy mail, so I hope you want to try it out this fall. I think we all need a little pick-me-up as it gets darker outside and the trees start loosing their greenery…

Why not join us?

Do it Yourself Postcard Swap Autumn 2019 - join now!

When you join this swap you are asked to create ten (10) do it yourself-postcard, ie. handmade cards, and send them out to ten others that also has joined the swap. In return you will of course receive awesome and beautiful postcards from ten other people, who could be from your city or anywhere in the world!

You can read all about the swap with deadline dates (to note in your own calendar so you don’t forget them, please) on the DIY Postcard Swap information page or click here to sign up:

Here are the important date to keep in your own google calendar or planner:

Last day to sign up / join in November 4th, 2019
Your Postcards Should be ready to send out by November 7th, 2019

After you’ve signed up I’d appreciate very much if you note the date of when the postcards should be ready to send, and check your e-mail to have our 10 addresses then! So, please have 10 handmade postcards ready to send out on the 7th of November (before the weekend of 9-10th of November that is)!

A day or so after the 4th of November (last date to join) you will receive your addresses via the e-mail you use to sign up with. I think that you should be able to get your postcards out before the weekend, and I very much appreciate everyone who keeps to that deadline! It would also be great if you make sure you have added my e-mail address to your digital address book so the e-mail doesn’t get marked as spam. It’s hanna (at) ihanna.nu

Finished Postcards from the swap 2014 by Hanna Andersson - click to see more postcards in this style iHannas swap #DIYpostcardswap

Resources for Do it Yourself Postcard Swappers

Ready to join me and hundreds of others to make handmade postcards?