Join the spring 2022 swap today

I sent out my Newsletter to all subscribers last week, to announce that the DIY Postcard Swap spring 2022 is open! Then I got problems with my back (again) and couldn’t really sit and do anything by the computer so the blog post got delayed, sorry about that. But better later than never (my life motto it seams), now here it is!

And a lot of you have already joined as I also announced it on social media, and the word keeps spreading with the kind participants who share this news to Facebook groups, to instagram stories and in blog posts. You are all so amazing and I feel very grateful to have you help me out to make this the best postcard swap there is!

In any case, if you haven’t heard already, now is the time to sign up for the spring DIY Postcard Swap! To sign up is easy and quick to do (just double check dates and confirmation email)?and then all you have to do is create 10 handmade postcards and be ready to send them out in the beginning weeks of May.

DIY Postcards painted 2020 by iHanna for iHannas DIY Postcard Swap

DIY Postcards that I made in 2020 [more on that process here]

It can sound daunting to create as many as ten handmade, original postcards – but once you get started it is just a fun project that you will want to keep going with. So many of the participants sign up to this twice every year (the second swap will be in the fall) and keep creating more than 10 postcards at a time when they get started!

Ready to sign up?

Click here to join the swap today!

If you need a bit of inspiration, check out my book DIY Postcard Ideas as well.

Creating a series of Postcards

I have this mail art playlist on YouTube, where I show some of my process from previous years, creating a series of artworks to be used as DIY (do it yourself) Postcards. Feel free to check it out if you need some mixed media inspiration!

Put on the playlist and start creating your own awesome and lovely diy postcards!

In the FAQ of the swap I answer common questions about size, envelopes, sharing online and more – so please read through some of it – if you’re new or feel a question coming on. Most of them have been asked before during our +10 years of this swap!

For example:

and there is a lot more in the Frequently Asked Questions section!

Click here to join iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap today!

And if you’ve already signed up (yay!) please leave a comment below and do share your creations with all of us on social media! I’d love to see them. Hashtag #ihannspostcardswap so that I and other curious art lovers definitely will see them!

Happy Easter to you from me in snowy Sweden.