In need of a Creative Push? Join the Postcard Swap Fall 2015

Sometimes we all need a push in the right direction. Maybe you need a Creative Push in the direction of your art right now? Perhaps you are a bit out of creative practice?

Do you like to create, but don’t always give yourself permission? Do you need some help to carve out time or find the inspiration to paint? Or maybe you just want to share your art with the world? Let me help, by inviting you to my twice annual DIY Postcard Swap, Fall 2015 edition!

CREATIVE PUSH - Sign up for the swap at

The swap is open, and ready for you to sign up!

When people ask me how to be more creative I always suggest do something really small, but do it daily. Take baby steps, and/or work with a official challenge that will keep you accountable. Signing up for this swap, you get all of that and more. In the swap you will create 10 handmade postcards, and it is a small but powerful exercise in getting started, finishing a series of art works – and having it out the door and into the world. Going to the post office with my stack of cards always leave me feeling empowered and motivated!

You get a deadline (28th of October), you get a specific task (10 postcards) and you get to give them away to someone else randomly chosen for you! But the great thing is that it doesn’t end there. You will then get 10 postcards back in the mail, from 10 other creative peeps all around the country/world!

If this is for you, sign up today!

Need a Creative Push?

If you want or simply need that Creative Push, this swap might be for you…

This postcard swap is for anyone who wants to share their creativity with the world. You can use any medium. You can draw, doodle, paint, sew, knit, stitch or collage your postcards. Some of us are artists, others beginners. Everyone is welcome, just as long as you do your best and send out something you would be happy receiving in your own mail box.

This swap is for you if you want to have a awesome and creative October!

This swap is for you if you love mail art or want to try it for the first time!

This swap is for you if you want happy mail in your inbox!

Please note that this swap is not for kids, though. It’s for grown ups who needs a bit of creativity in everyday life!

Give yourself more happy mail days

Join iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap Fall 2015 right now! So, I did a bit of calculation and this is the 6th year I am doing this swap, and the 10th time! I will write more about that later on. We usually have over 100 participants, and most of them come back year after year. I think that is a great testament to how great postcard swapping can be!

The fee to participate is only 8 USD, so feel free to sign up right now!

You can sign up all the way to the 26th of October 2015, so if you want to first create your postcards and then sign up, you can do that too. Just read all the postcard swap information first if you’re new to this swap – and bookmark that page to refer back to.

If you have any questions or comments post them below, or check out the swap FAQ.

Need postcard inspiration?

Keep reading my blog, a lot of postcard inspiration will be coming up this month. Also check out the #diypostcardswap tag on places like Instagram. And follow me on Pinterest where I’ve got a wall full of mail art and DIY Postcard Inspiration. Yum!

Wishing you many happy mail days this fall!

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  1. hooray! i’m all signed up and already working on my postcards :) this is my 4th year in a row because i enjoy it so much. making the cards to send AND receiving the cards from others. what’s not to love about that? thanks for doing this swap hanna-you really do a great job orchestrating everything <3 see you in the mail ;) jenny

    • Thanks Jenny, so glad you wanted to sign up again! I get excited about postcards this time of year, so it is a great fit. I hope you enjoy creating yours, let me know how it goes!

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