Free Printable Postcard Backside

Free Printable Postcard Backside by iHanna! Free pdf file to download and print at

When I started with the DIY Postcard Swap a couple of years ago I designed a free printable postcard backside for anyone interested in using such a thing for their postcards. It was very simple, but useful.

I’ve since long tired of it, so I reconstructed a vintage looking card and made a new backside for this year’s swap round. I thought some of you might like a downloadable version so here you go.

Download Free Printable Postcard Backside Download and print swap postcard backsides here.

Free Printable Postcard Backside for anytime you want to send a handmade postcard, by iHanna of
Download Free Printable Postcard Backside Download and print anytime postcard backsides here!

Each page gives you two postcards to cut apart and use in what ever fashion you wish.

Download Free Printable Postcard Backside You can read more about the DIY Postcard Swap here – and sign up!

Download Free Printable Postcard Backside There is also a DIY Postcard Swap Tracker that you can download and print. You’re welcome.

Enjoy! And Happy Halloween.

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  1. These are great! I’m going to print some out tonight and use to make some collage postcards to send out to my friends (inspired by the one and only YOU;). I hope you eventually make a version of these without the swap part on it too, but if not it’s all good I can always touch up the backside with a bit of acrylic paint! Thank you for always being such a huge source of inspiration for me. xox

  2. Looking through your very generous free resources I am wondering if it is possible to edit your postcard backs as I usually make standard 6 x 4 inch postcard

    Love being part of your wonderful swaps.
    Cheers from Oz

    • Hi Pam,
      so glad you found these in the archive! But I’m not even sure how big these print right now (not an inch person). But if you test print them and then see if you want to increase the size when you print next time and maybe print at 110 % or bigger? Let me know if that works. :-)

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