Postal Stamp Drawing by iHanna, in my diary

Except the little hints already made, I’ve decided not to post my postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap until after they’ve been received this year. You can do what ever feels good to you. If you’ve already posted about the creative process of making the cards on your blog, please post a link below! We’d love to see! If you post later you’re most welcome to come back to this link list and add in several blog posts!

State your first name and not your blog’s name please. The link should be to a particular post, not your main page! And visit one or more of the others to leave a kind comment.

This swap is a lot about sharing and community building! Thanks for joining!

Blogging swap participants

1. iHanna 15. Tina 29. Julie Taylor
2. Julie (La Datcha) 16. Sandra 30. iHanna (2)
3. Charlotta 17. Claudia Ballheim 31. Paola Papa, Italy
4. Sarah (Rainbow Gecko) 18. Julie (La Datcha) #2 32. Yvonne, Sweden
5. Rachel Mims 19. Tammy 33. Natasha White
6. Betty Franks 20. Jen 34. Angi
7. Outi 21. Randy Roelen 35. Yvonne (II), Sweden
8. Tanja Amorefecit 22. Kirsi 36. Adrianne Martin
9. Dawn 23. Sandra D 37. Patti Radish
10. Chiara (La Ricicleria di Chi) 24. Patricia- magenta matters 38. iHanna (#3)
11. lindasmithmiller 25. Dreaming Bear 39. Kelly Warren
12. lee 26. Patti Robinson 40. Maria L, Sweden
13. Chris 27. Claudia Ballheim (2)
14. Cyndee Starr 28. Tammy (2)

BTW: I’m working on sending out swap addresses right now. The tune on repeat is Breathe, found via DaisyYellow. Perfect for this task… It will take me a while because we are about 170 participants! 170×10 postcards = way beyond one thousand handmade postcards being sent out into the world. Love that!

If you haven’t gotten yours by the time you read this, let me know, after you’ve checked your paypal email and your spam folder of course! ;-)