Beyond One Thousand Handmade Postcards

Faux DIY postal stamp doodle in my diary - copyright Hanna Andersson

Except the little hints already made, I’ve decided not to post my postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap until after they’ve been received this year. You can do what ever feels good to you. If you’ve already posted about the creative process of making the cards on your blog, please post a link below! We’d love to see! If you post later you’re most welcome to come back to this link list and add in several blog posts!

State your first name and not your blog’s name please. The link should be to a particular post, not your main page! And visit one or more of the others to leave a kind comment.

This swap is a lot about sharing and community building! Thanks for joining!

Blogging swap participants

1.iHanna15.Tina29.Julie Taylor
2.Julie (La Datcha)16.Sandra30.iHanna (2)
3.Charlotta17.Claudia Ballheim31.Paola Papa, Italy
4.Sarah (Rainbow Gecko)18.Julie (La Datcha) #232.Yvonne, Sweden
5.Rachel Mims19.Tammy33.Natasha White
6.Betty Franks20.Jen34.Angi
7.Outi21.Randy Roelen35.Yvonne (II), Sweden
8.Tanja Amorefecit22.Kirsi36.Adrianne Martin
9.Dawn23.Sandra D37.Patti Radish
10.Chiara (La Ricicleria di Chi)24.Patricia- magenta matters38.iHanna (#3)
11.lindasmithmiller25.Dreaming Bear39.Kelly Warren
12.lee26.Patti Robinson40.Maria L, Sweden
13.Chris27.Claudia Ballheim (2)  
14.Cyndee Starr28.Tammy (2)  

BTW: I’m working on sending out swap addresses right now. The tune on repeat is Breathe, found via DaisyYellow. Perfect for this task… It will take me a while because we are about 170 participants! 170×10 postcards = way beyond one thousand handmade postcards being sent out into the world. Love that!

If you haven’t gotten yours by the time you read this, let me know, after you’ve checked your pp email and your spam folder of course! ;-)

24 Responses

  1. I’m so looking forward to sending out my cards and chewing my knuckles while waiting for exciting work of art to arrive in my mail-box. I deeply appreciate the efforts of you Hanna to make this happen. You’ve made creativity flow all over the world. A fabulous achievement! Thank you to Hanna and all participants in this swap!!!
    Hugs, Outi x

  2. I’m so excited to be joining you for the first time!! Just blogged yesterday about it, YAY!! Thanks for all the hours you put in for this, such a great thing your doing. I love sending happy mail!
    Haven’t gotten my email yet but will keep checking!

    • Hi Dawn, the email was sent out on Wednesday this week, did you check your spam folders? I’ve resent it to you know, please let me know if you’ve got them! Thanks!

  3. Thank you for this event!
    Grazie Hanna, sono molto felice di partecipare allo swap di postcard, spero che le mie card girino tutto il mondo e portino un po’ della mia creatività oltre oceano. By by!

  4. What a beautiful blog! I love seeing your journal pages – and that wooden box full of collages! SO beautiful :) Thank you for your visit (so sorry it took me days to respond – I’ve just returned from out of town) and kind comment, xo

  5. I haven’t written about my process because I’m only halfway through it!
    So I will finish all my cards and then post about them when they’ve been sent out.

    I didn’t think to check my paypal account for my addresses! However, I haven’t gotten anything to my gmail account yet.

    Take care!

  6. Sent mine out this past Friday!! Looking for the postman everyday now! :)
    Thanks for all of your hard work on this, Hanna!

  7. Hi, Hanna! I can’t thank you enough for organizing. This is my first year participating and it was just so much fun… Just what I needed to galvanize my creativity (I’ve been having a slump). I sent my cards off today and now I’m looking forward to receiving treasures in the mail!

  8. Hi Hanna! I’ve had a wonderful time finishing my postcards for this swap, I enjoyed it so much! I too want to thank you for taking the time and having the energy for organising this! I’ve already received three cards (Thank you Hanna, Tina and Greta for your Beautiful art!), and I hope my recepients will be as excited as I am!

  9. This has been so much fun! I loved making my cards, & love meeting the wonderful artists who have sent to me & those who have received mine!

  10. Your postcard swaps somehow bring my work in completely new and surprising direction. Its funny, I’ve taken many classes but I seem to get a much better creative “boost” from your wonderful swaps, both my making the cards, receiving them and enjoying the Flickr images. Thanks so much!!!

  11. I posted a link when I put my own cards on my blog. Now I’ve added a second link to highlight the wonderful cards I’ve gotten in return. This project has been much more fun and engaging than I ever imagined. Thank you, HANNA!

  12. Don’t mistake this as a complaint, but what happens if we don’t get all our posts? I only received 7 so far. (11-27) I still can’t wait till next time. I so appreciated all your hard work hanna!

    • Hey Jill,
      I’ve done several of these swaps and I’ve never received all 10 cards. I think everyone has good intentions, but life can get in the way. I, for instance, have never sent mine out on time, but I do send them!

    • Jill, thanks for not complaining. I appreciate that a lot, because I can not do anything when people sign up but don’t send. Maybe I should write it in the sign up-post that I hope with all my heart that you will get 10 postcards back, but I can not make any promises. Some people forget that they’ve signed up or don’t check their e-mail spam folder for my messages. Others send theirs 2-4 weeks late with no excuses, which is just bad manners if you ask me…

      I think 8 is good, like Adrianne says too, but feel free to email me the names of those who DID sent you postcards and I will check what happened to the other 2 senders…