Collage: Can You Pick Just One
Can You Pick Just One?

Hi ya’ll, welcome to week 44 of my 365 Collages in 2013 project! I really like paper weaving, but that’s not what this week’s collages are about. Instead, it’s the Weaver Edition because I’ve used a vintage color chart showing weaving thread photos and their corresponding order numbers. I love the look of color charts, don’t you? Love the vintage look of this one. Once I started tearing it into pieces I ended up wanting to use all of the colors. I think some even spilled over to next week’s collages too. You’ll see.

Feel free to pick a favorite, even though it might be hard. I’d like to know what in that artwork you’re drawn to, what “speaks” to you the most? Or the least? Let me know, I appreciate your feedback!

Here are the collages:

Collage: In the Studio
In the Studio

Collage: Do you Hear the Bluebell Calling
Do you Hear the Bluebell Calling?

Collage: When Nobody's Calling
When Nobody’s Calling

Collage: One of the Crowd
One of the Crowd

Collage: Memory Collecting
Memory Collecting

Collage: For Elisabet
For Elisabet

Thanks for your kind comments on my creative process of working through 365 collages!

I’m Wishing you a Creative rest of the Week!

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