Collage: Before my Time
Before my Time

As I hope you’ve all noticed I’ve set up another autumn round of the Do it Yourself Postcard Swap! I even sent out my rare newsletter! You can read about it here and sign up if you feel inspired to create a few fun postcards to send out to the world! I will share what I am doing with my postcards soon, but I can already tell you that it involves small pieces of scrap papers put together in new combinations! :-)

Today I’m sharing collages of week 42. My scanner does not like the neon pink, but I do – a lot. I hope you can imagine that the pink washi tape and pink paint spots in these black and white collages are actually neon, not baby pink.

Collage: Scream over the Roof Tops
Scream over the Roof Tops

Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below, I appreciate your “eye” on my collage work a lot.

Collage: Freefalling

Collage: I am looking for You
I am looking for You

Collage: I Fall Down
I Fall Down

Collage: To the Rocky Shore
To the Rocky Shore

And now, you’ve reached:

Collage: Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom

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