Paper Patchwork Postcards en masse

Paper Patchwork Postcards - I love sewing paper & making postcard, blog post by iHanna #DIY

My sewing machine loves to come out to play every now and then. I wish we had more time to play together. She doesn’t even mind when I bring out a stash of papers and sew those together, because we agree that paper sewing is one of the best crafts! That is, me and my sewing machine agrees on that. And maybe you do too? Today I’m sharing front views of all the DIY Postcards I sent out in the swap, including some “extras”. All of them are stitched together scraps of paper, like a paper quilt.

DIY Postcards en masse


DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Hello Hi Kitty
Hello Hi Kitty Postcard.

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Reindeer
Reindeer Postcard.

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Tea Time
Tea Time Postcard

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Open your Mind
Open your Mind Postcard

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Friendship Heart
Friendship Heart Postcard

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Pippi in Caribbean
Pippi in Caribbean Postcard

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Ostrich
The Ostrich Postcard

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Elephant Bug
The Elephant Bug Postcard

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Tree Frog
The Tree Frog Postcard

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Hola Baby
The Hola Baby (!) Postcard

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - När & Fjärran
The När & Fjärran Postcard (image from the tea bag När & Fjärran)

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - so magic!
So magic postcard!

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Fragile Princess
Fragile Princess

DIY Postcard Pop Art Collage - Wise Old Owl
Wise Old Owls

Phew, thanks for sticking with me to the end of this post. I guess you too are a fan of DIY Postcards just like me. :-)

A Fan of DIY Postcards!

I posted about mom’s postcard making, and a bit about my process earlier, and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the details of my postcards here too. I know I really like reading about the ideas that you use and taking a look at your postcards. So thanks for sharing everyone, and for being here!

** Sign up for the DIY Postcard Swap here.

Have a great week!

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14 Responses to Paper Patchwork Postcards en masse

  1. Jill says:

    I love, love, love all your paper sewing! It’s one of my fav techniques too!

  2. Neeti says:

    Beautiful creations, how I wish I was the recipient of the hello kitty and so magic postcards…..great ideas and very nicely executed……exuberance, excitement, happy overtone with subtle colors and artforms,,,,,

  3. Marit says:

    paper loves threads. threads love paper. iHanna loves paper. paper loves iHanna. threads love iHanna. iHanna loves threads. marit loves paper. paper loves marit. marit loves threads. threads love marit. marit loves iHanna ;)

  4. Erica says:

    Oh wow these are so beautiful

  5. Ann Powell says:

    Love these postcards! Love your whole website actually! I have a question about your awesome paper scraps. I don’t have any paper that looks like this–what papers are you using? Is it scrapbook papers? magazines? some specialty paper? Love the look–the bright happy colors and interesting images! Thanks for your inspiration!

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Ann, that’s so sweet of you. As a collage artist I collect every kind of paper there is, but most of these are not bought scrapbook papers. There are magazine images, saved postal stamps, decorated note paper, chewing gum paper, papers I’ve painted myself, and quite a lot of printed patterns found on the internet. Just start collecting, and check out my shop for updates on collage packs! Good luck.

  6. Deb Prewitt says:

    fabulous and fun postcards. I like sewing postcards too. :)

  7. I just L-O-V-E your postcards. Collages of stitched paper are really pretty.
    *SMILES* from Denmark //Lisbet

  8. I am so disappointed that I could not join in this year. I will be getting prepared for 2014 early!!

  9. Erica says:

    My favorites are Tea Time, Hello Hi Kitty and Reindeer (though it took me a moment to figure out why it was called Reindeer postcard).

  10. Terry Owenby says:

    After reading the Girl Quilts blog about the Scrappy Blocks Tutorial, I mistakenly posted a comment mentioning you, iHanna. I said the tutorial was a good idea for making postcards, but that I wouldn’t be surprised if you (iHanna) had already done just that. :-) (I didn’t realize at first the blog belonged to QuiltyGirl.) Well, here I am, back on your blog and, surprise! Here you have these gorgeous fabric patchwork postcards! They are beautiful, and I can’t wait to try making some…just as soon as I find a place to set up my sewing machine in our new apartment. Thank you for the great links you sent in your latest email. The Scrappy Blocks tutorial was my favorite.

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