Collage: Hand over the Scissors
Hand over the Scissors

Another seven collages finished and all I can say is: I still love project 365 Collages!

Right now I’m creating 4-5 collages in one sitting. I get into a creative flow that makes it hard to stop working. With each new creation I get more ideas that I want to try. I am looking through different boxes and folders for fun papers, and when I’m in the right mood they all seem to fit perfectly together!

Collage: Smile With Me
Smile With Me

I would love to know which of my collages you like best – and why. Let me know in the comments!

Collage: Flipside
Flip side

Collage: The Smell of Citrus
The Smell of Citrus

Collage: In Rouge
In Rouge

Collage: Matters of the Heart
Matters of the Heart

Collage: Taste Life Today
Taste Life Today

Thanks for looking. Have a great Glue it Tuesday my dear ones!

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