Art Journal Idea: Create a Sub Page

Smart Journal #2

A sub page is a extra page attached in some way to fold out of your journal and extend it even further. I haven’t done this much before, but in the square smart journal (with the rather small pages) it was a natural progression. On the spread above the right page has a sub page, a postcard I got from Hope. It’s attached to the page on just one side, with transparent tape, to fold out like this:

Smart Journal #2

In this way you can hide journaling, add in more pages, play with the format of the book and preserve the back and front of a postcard for example. Sub pages are a lot of fun to play around with.

Here is another one, open:

Smart Journal #1 Asia inspired
I wanted to keep the gold sun I played with on the right page, but not see it all the time. So I added a page from a magazine and journaled on top of it, as a sub page:

Smart Journal #1

I really like this spread:

Smart Journal #2 Painted frame

But again, a postcard (this one I made) needed a place to stay… I taped the postcard edge to the page’s edge and voila:

Smart Journal #1 Tuesday
Another sub page!

This kind of “extra pages” is really fun to play with, in all directions of your journal. If you bind your book yourself, you can add longer pages in some places and fold them into the book too. Tape is my favorite way to add a sub page, but you could staple, sew of glue it down too.

Does your journal have sub pages?

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  1. I have done that, mostly because I run out of space when I’m writing. It’s a matter of space! or sometimes because I like the two sides of a card or something.

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