Knitted fluff with Chinese fake wool

I’ve knitted this big airy fluffy thing.

Fake Wool Shawl
Could be a giant monster… but it’s not!

It’s a shawl!

I’m wearing it as I write this, because sometimes I get cold indoors too. But mostly I wear it with my coat when I’m going places.

My passion shawl

The colors makes me think about “passion” and the yarn was 5 SEK per skein at a ornament-stuff-shop. The yarn label states that this yarn is from China and 100 % wool! It makes me laugh, because I don’t think I’ve ever knitted with wool that looks and feels so much like acrylic! But what ever its made of I like this yarn and I adore my shawl. It’s the first big triangle shawl I’ve made and it is so soft and cozy!

Knitting details
Skeins: 7
Cost: 5 crowns per skein = 35 sek ( 5.7 dollars)
Needle size: 5 mm
Pattern: see my explanation below

My passion shawl

iHanna’s Knitted Fluff Pattern

Cast on 3 and increase at the beginning of each row by knitting one stitch twice (see link to video below).
1st row: * knit one, yarn round needle*, repeat between the stars
2nd row: *knit one and drop the YO from the needle*, repeat between the starts

Repeat first and second row until the shawl is as big as you want it (don’t forget to increase on each row!), or knit until you run out of yarn! I don’t know if I’ve written the pattern correct here, maybe someone with a better set of words could help me out? Mom just told me how to knit this one and also showed me by sitting beside me. That’s always the best way to learn for me.

Dropping a stitch will make it airy, creating the eyelet pattern.

Thoughts: I loved knitting this, and I love using it! It’s easy to remember the pattern and knitting with this yarn is very forgiving; any mistakes just disappears in all that fluff!

If you’ve knitted your first couple of simple scarfs this is a great beginners project, especially if you can find such lovely yarn like I did!

My passion shawl

And of course some links for those of you who is not content with just little ol’ me:
Dictionary of Abbrivations from English to Swedish.
Video: How to increase – Knit One Front & Back (k1f&b)

Have fun!
Knitting shawls and stoles – a lot more free patterns at Knitting Pattern Central

Have fun!

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  1. It looks like a beautiful, flowing, sea creature to me (maybe a jelly fish?):) I really like the yarn too, beautiful!

  2. That’s very pretty and I love love love those colours! (Very similar to what I am using for an afghan at the moment, actually, but yours are a bit more vibrant.)

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