Want to learn how to Microwave Your Cat?

Warming kitty
If you haven’t tried a Wheat Heat Therapy Pillow yet I think you should. I can really recommend you to make or buy your own wheat pillow. It’s great!

Warming kitty

A Wheat Heat Therapy Pillow is microwavable (put it in there for about 2 minutes). The wheat has great insulation qualities due to its cellular structure, which means it can absorb heat (or cold) evenly and keep it there for quite a while. The stored heat is then gradually and effectively distributed into your body. Wheat Bags easily mold to the contour of the area being treated. I’m wearing mine right now, around my neck!

A Wheat Pillow is great when you’re going to bed and you’re freezing, or if you have a sore back, muscle pain, aches or a cold!

But wait… what’s a wheat bag got anything to do with these photos of of a cute kitty that my mother made for me? The cat is the wheat pillow of course. Isn’t it cool?

I’ve been wanting a therapeutic for a long time, so when our friend Susanne the Quilting Quickie brought with her a wheat pillow cat she had made to a Craft Night last year I knew I wanted one just like it. Though I didn’t get to finish that thought before my mom grabbed Susanne’s cat, run with it to the copy machine, made “patterns” for everyone and then decided to sew one herself.

Lucky me I was the recipient of mom’s cat – and, even luckier me, I love the orange and brown fabrics she used!

Warming kitty If you want to make a pillow for yourself, just sew some fabric together and poor in the wheat and stitch the whole thing together so nothing falls out. Than put it in the microwave and warm it up. The cat my mom made is kind of a container for the simple fabric bag. I wouldn’t put the cat in the Microwave, not even a fabric one, because of the zipper. I don’t think that would be a good idea…

Cat whete scarf...
Self portrait. iHanna, wearing her Hello Kitty nightgown and warming wheat pillow as a scarf… Edited in Photoshop. Played with photography today again, I’m having lots of fun with altering photos right now. Fun fun fun!

Stay warm my friends!

Warming kitty

PS: Sorry, I don’t know who made the original pattern & I don’t own the pattern of this softie cat so I can’t share it. Hint though, the body is 47 cm long, excluding the arms and long skinny legs that so nicely wraps around me. I love my wheat squeeze cat!

PS II: My original title for this post was A Wheat Heat Therapy Pillow that looks like a Kitty but then I couldn’t resist the word play of How to Microwave Your Cat…. sorry animal lovers for running to the rescue! No animals where harmed in these experiments, I promise!