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The Crocheted Gray Granny Square Shawl

Almost a year ago my father’s mother passed away. I have her photo on the shelf, and plenty of her “stuff”. Using some wool found in her stash, I crocheted a granny square shawl for myself. I love it and I’m so happy we finally got snow before New Year’s so I could enjoy it […]

Mohair Dream in mauve

I’ve crocheted a shawl in Dream Mohair yarn, two different mauve colors (not at all my favorite color): Very fussy yarn, not willing to cooperate at all! I was really trying to kill it when I had to frog some rows and it got stuck inside it self all the time. Stupid, I muttered and […]

Pink shawl II

I’ve crocheted a little pink shawl with a free pattern and a second hand yarn. Yay – true joy! Here is the starting of the shawl, I’m crocheting again and it is fun. At Lady’s night Lillemor showed us her beautiful pearl shawl (crocheted for her daughter), and I felt a great greedy need for […]

Crocheting my Very First Shawl

I biked to town to buy yarn. I have decided I do not want to be a craft collector, but a crafter – a user, someone who uses her stash. But sometimes you really need to go buy something, so I did buy new yarn for this project. And I’m really happy with this yarn, […]