Kawaii means cute in Japanese

I’ve finished today’s Daily Art Card and scanned the cards from the last four days into the computer. Before that I was sitting on the stairs outside sewing together a crocheted duckling and listening to podcasts that I’d downloaded to my pink iPod! Life feels good. Now I’m off to upload these kawaii teddy bear brothers to my Etsy shop!

Teddy bear friend

The Japanese word for cute is kawaii. Cute as in cuddly, childish, childlike and adorable. I’m so glad “cute” is a trend that will never go out of style, and that we, as adult women, are allowed (at least on some level) to embrace it.

Do you think my newly finished teddy bears are kawaii? I do, and I hope you do too!

One of my big passions is making dolls and other creatures. I think I’m going back in time when I create these…

Kawaii Teddy standing strong

I call my teddy bears Skottisar (Scottish:s) because of the Scottish inspired fabric. I love this kind of fabric! It’s a thick wool in good quality. Fun to sew in and easy to shape. I think these bears could be played a lot with. I’ve crocheted them little ears and sewn on mouth, nose and felt pieces as their eyes.

Teddy bear friends Copyright Hanna Andersson

I recently read that:

…the kawaii trend is now firmly taking hold within the American crafting community. What I find particularly interesting is the uniquely American spin applied to the imported aesthetic. It seems that traditional folk art and craft traditions are being integrated with the kawaii look for an end product that is less polished and commercial and shows more of the hand that made it.

Read the post about kawaii as a new American phenomenon at buzzville (probably coming to Sweden in a few years then, haha) and have an excellent weekend!

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  1. Hi, Hanna;
    I don’t know your email address, so I am writing you here.
    When I go to your I shop with Mom, and I click on the pictures of the new bags that are in the shop, I can only get your collage bookmarks to come up.

    Also, if I want to join your I shop with mom email subscription, do I need to join a group?

    Thank you.

  2. Hej! Vart har du tagit vägen? ;/ Jag har mailat dig….Kramar M (japp börjar bli nervös)

  3. Hi Hanna! Thank you so much for your visits to my blog! I don’t know how I missed your carvings before, but they are wonderful!! I am glad to find your blog because these bears are SUPER CUTE!!! I am almost 37 years old and still a huge fan of Sanrio…so, you are correct: cute is here to stay! Have a great weekend and I will see you again soon :)

    (I also love your journal pages!!)

  4. Hej!
    Tack för besöket och kommentaren i min blogg och flickr kontakten!
    Jag “hittade” dig pga att jag goolgade på mixed media från svenska sidor och hittade då både din blogg och flickr!

    Det är så få svenskar som gör mixed media men hur många som helst utländska, hur kan det komma sig!? I alla fall känner jag att det är något jag vill pröva mer och mer!

  5. These are super kawaii! *^v^* They remind me of one of my childhood favourite tv series where the main character was the plush checkered dog, made from the red checkered fabric, which had lots of adventures around the flat, mainly in the kitchen. I loved it!

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