Cut and paste with kids

Everyone loves cut and paste – if they get the chance to try it out. You get to choose images from a magazine, images that you really like. You get to use a scissor. You get to glue them together in a nice composition – and you get to keep them for ever. A friend of mine recently brought over her sister and her sister’s daughter Tindra. We had a great craft time together cutting and pasting in little books.

This is Tindra’s accordion folded book:

Tindra's own book

And here is the inside:

Book making

The most important thing to remember when doing any crafting with a kid, especially for kind moms, is that they are not helped if you craft for them. Helping is being encouraging, saying nice things, asking questions but avoiding judgment. It’s all about showing ideas and letting the child be in charge. Don’t be fooled even if they ask for help, they can do it. All the edges doesn’t have to be cut straight. It doesn’t matter if you get glue on your hands or the images wrinkled. All that matters is the joy of creating something on your own! Craft alongside with them, not for them!

And have fun together. That’s what we did.