365 Collages | Week 41 | The Invisible Series

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I wasn’t planning to work on a series this week, even though I’ve been thinking about this idea of using the same image over and over (again) for a while. Then I found a few prints of the same vintage photo in one of my paper folders – and seven collages came together in no time. I like variations on a theme, I like repetition, and I also like variation…

Collage: Feeling Invisible I
Feeling Invisible I

I love this series, each one individually and to see them together side by side! I’m calling it The Invisible Series because I named the first one Feeling Invisible… Maybe you can guess why?

Please leave a comment to let me know which of these collages you like the most, and why! I appreciate you taking the time to do so, and it helps motivate me to make 7 new collages for next week. :-)

Collage: Feeling Invisible 3
Feeling Invisible III

Collage: Feeling Invisible 2
Feeling Invisible II

Collage: Feeling Invisible 4
Feeling Invisible IV

Collage: Feeling Invisible 5
Feeling Invisible V

Collage: Feeling Invisible 6
Feeling Invisible VI

Collage: Feeling Invisible 7
Feeling Invisible VII

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  1. Själv gillar jag bäst den sista – den tilltalar mej på nåt vis. Jag har surfat runt bland dina collage idag, håller på med ett collage nu äntligen och tänkte att jag skulle få inspiration av dej, hittade redan ett par nya tekniker som jag vill testa. Men nu har jag fastnat känner jag! kommer liksom inte vidare. Har du några knep för det?

    • Ninette, så kul att du börjat experimentera med collage! Är det inte fantastiskt roligt? Fast inte om man fastnar förstås. Bästa sättet för mig att bli inspirerad är att bläddra igenom någon av mina mappar med papper till collage. Målade papper, tidningsklipp, mönstrade papper osv. Alltid hittar jag något som jag vill använda, ofta två olika som jag tycker passar ihop och som jag kan kombinera tillsammans. Kanske funkar även för dig? :-)

  2. IV & VI are my favorites, but I think I, III, & VI or I, IV, & VI would make a nice triptych, maybe on a lovely dark pink or aqua blue background. Happy day to you, Hanna!

    • Marcia, thank you, so glad that you came by my blog, I missed you! Do you still do collage and create fun stuff even though you don’t blog? I hope so.


  3. What a fabulous series ! I love how each one has its own mood, though the theme of being “unseen” carries through.
    Very cool, Hanna !

  4. I like these so much as a series, it’s hard to pick favorites!!! As you said, it’s “variations on a theme” and yet each one works on its own, too. I guess if I HAD to pick, I’d say first, II, and VII — the last one because it has some serious impact for conversation on identity and perception. Very neat!

  5. wonderful series and a great way to keep creating! I’m partial to the second one. Thanks for sharing at GIT.

  6. Hi

    Feeling Invisible II is my favorite. There’s something very intriguing with her being 1/2 covered up. I’ve been a silent follower for soooooo long, too long! I’m going to start commenting. I’ve loved visiting your blog for such a long time. You are so inspirational I just wanted to thank you for being here. Jan in USA

    • Hi Jan in USA, thanks for leaving a first comment – I’m always thrilled when one of the many silent visitors decides to make a comment. First one can be a bit scary, but it’s SO appreciated. :-)

  7. WOW!! These are awesome and so fun!! I keep coming back to IV not sure why but I like the stripes I guess??!!

    We have done this in scrapbooking before, taking the same picture/s and making different layouts with them. I love doing this and the variety and different stories you can tell.

    Thanks again for sharing and inspiring!

  8. Hello, I love always your work, it’s so inspiring. I prefer for this week invisible VII because it’s more mysterious…

  9. Hi – I only just happened across these and just wanted to say how much I enjoy them. I love the theme, the variations on theme/image, color pallete, graphic impact, simplicity! I haven’t made ATC or small collage series in years but did do quite a bunch. These remind me a bit of some I did – WOW! – just realized it was 10 years ago.

    I’ll be back to look at your other 340+ soon!


    • Hi Melissa, wow, it’s been a while since I saw you around (and your blog, I remember it!). Thanks for taking the time to leave me such nice comment – made my day! Take care!

  10. I “dunno,” Hanna. I like them all. They make a nice series. I especially liked the surprise on v11 because it “pops.” They all can tell a story.

  11. Love these so much that I MUST play with this idea! As a group they are just outstanding in idea and execution… so don’t ask me to pick one. Great job and great inspiration to my rather stale-of-late mind.

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