Collage: Simplified

I finished these collages last week, for my personal challenge to create 365 square art collages in 2013. I still love this project! Love love love.

I hope you like today’s collages, because I do. I would, as always, like to know if you find a favorite among these – and what about that collage you like particularly. Leave a comment, and make my day. Thanks!

Collage: Freedom

Collage: Noise in the Basement
Noise in the Basement

Collage: Dans la Presse
Dans la Presse

Collage: Vast emptiness
Vast emptiness

Collage: Retainable

Collage: Tita Aparte
Tita Aparte

I have a whole box full of book pages, saved from when I made notebooks from vintage book covers. I love the yellowed pages, the different fonts, the vintage feel of all these random pages. Combining them is easy – and such a thrill. The Vintaga Edition might be a favorite, with the birds too. Birds are always a good thing, messengers of happiness.

Last week didn’t get many comments, so if you missed week 35 it was paper patchwork week, another favorite way to make collages for me. Next week I’ll post Week 37. Until then I have a lot of photos to take with my new fancy camera, because I’m doing Week in the Life right now. Love that project too – a lot!