365 Collages | Week 19

Collage: Rose Garden III
Rose Garden III

My collages are getting more and more abstract, with no or few depicting images, at least this week of 365 collages this is the case. I love that development. I love playing with shapes, colours and patterns, combining them in different ways. I love my glue stick!

Sometimes I even cut apart an image to make it less obvious or legible. But naming the collages are getting harder, though I did my best with the ones I created today…

Collage: Variables

I hope you like them all, but I’d love to know if you find a favorite among them. Let me know in the comments!

Collage: Femail thoughts
Female thoughts

Collage: Annoying frogs
Annoying frogs

Collage: This Bird has Wings
This Bird has Wings

Collage: Spellbound

Collage: No vex today
No vex today

Thanks for your visit this lovely post, wishing you a happy Glue it Tuesday – and thanks for your comment if you decide to leave one.

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23 Responses to 365 Collages | Week 19

  1. Kim says:

    I especially love “Female Thoughts” and “This Bird Has Wings.” I love the bright greens and the pinks in both.

  2. Lynn Fisher says:

    My favorite is Spellbound…love it!
    I must admit that a have warm feelings toward my glue stick as well…but as Teesha Moore once said, never put you glue stick and your lip stick in the same pocket and go for a walk on a hot day…truer words : )

  3. All so bright and beautiful. I especially like “This Bird has Wings” and “No Vex Today”. :)

  4. Outi says:

    Mrkligt… jag blev frtjust i exakt samma tv collage som Kim hr ovan! Det var definitivt frgerna som avgjorde det. Det liksom pirrar av gldje att se p dem.

  5. Jana says:

    This Bird has Wings & Spellbound – my favorites :)
    Happy GIT!

  6. Variable is my fave this week. The 365 challenge is a really great opportunity to watch how your work develops. I like that you name all your collages, but I can see how that can become a chore.

  7. Gabriele says:

    I do not want to spot out a favourite, they are all great – but if I must, I would say variables. And I like your linework!!

  8. maryk says:

    great collages hanna. my favorite would have to be rose garden. just looks so springy to me. since spring is being so fickle here it just cheered me up to see this. tfs

  9. Patricia says:

    I love “Spellbound”, I was drawn to it immediately! They are all beautiful, though!

  10. Kathleen says:

    I love No Vex Today. I like the different colors and patterns and how they interact. I have been trying to make collages myself lately and better appreciate how lovely yours always are!

  11. Tina says:

    I especially like “Female Thoughts” because your eye is drawn around the composition in a really great way! ” This Bird Has Wings” is also speaking to me because of the great use of bright pink and green (two of my favorites!) Both are inspiring to me in my own collage endeavors this week!

  12. Lynn says:

    Thank you for your wonderful collages. It really makes my day :)
    I love the “Rose Garden III”. The black and pink scribbles look so effortless and unplanned, but they tie the whole composition together. I think that achieving simplicity is the mark of true genius — and this collage really expresses that for me.

  13. zouzou says:

    Impossible to choose…The evolution of your work is fabulous, what lesson for me !

  14. Mmm… perhaps that is something I have to try… add some scriblings to my collages. Love yours!

  15. Kim Mailhot says:

    I love the abstract collages, Hanna. And I think it makes the titles and searching for them even more interesting. I think my favorite to look at is “Rose Garden III” but my favorite titled piece is “Annoying Frog”. It made me laugh !Especially since I kind of hate frogs. ;-)
    Happy Creating, Amazing One !

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks for your lovely comments!

      Kim, I love frogs and just added “annoying” because I heard it somewhere on the radio as I was naming these… Frogs are cute! But glad it was the right title for you then. ;-)

  16. storybeader says:

    Rose Garden III has to be my favorite, bec I love stamps! {:-Deb

  17. aimee says:

    these would make glorious collage sheets (if you’re not already doing them!)… your collages are just so beautiful, harmonious, and happy to look at!

  18. betsy says:

    Ooh! These are even more beautiful than last week. I like Rose Garden III but Variables is probably my favorite since I can’t get enough of pink!

  19. Love to see your work.. always love the color combos plus bits and pieces you put together…. it’s fresh…

  20. Anny says:

    All seven pages are nice. But I love the fifth one best… and… nice heart!

  21. TJ says:

    HAH! You know me, I spy a German stamp and paper – of course that one’s my fave. Beautiful work as always Hanna. Keep it up!!

  22. I love “Variables” the best. I feel like I am in a beauty parlor and am getting my toenails and fingernails polished, my lipstick applied and some soft pink rouge to perk up my complexion!

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