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Eye Candy: Decorated Envelope

One single message from a real person in my mail box makes my day. And if its a decorated, rainbow-coloured envelope stuffed with goodies? It feels like a precious gift. Someone took the time to paint, write, doodle, tape, sew and decorate a special envelope full of little gifts – just for me? Amazingly fun […]

Sketching on Fabric

Hey curious one… You can sketch with both a pen and a needle. Or you can combine the two methods… So my latest ATC is a self portrait of sorts. Very much an experiment where I had no idea where it would go or end but just started with a quick idea when I found […]

A Favorite Method of Art Journaling

Today a simple page featuring pink leftover scraps, created on loose paper to later be bound into an art journal. Sometimes I think this is my favorite kind of art journaling: picking up little bits of this and that and just gluing it down on a page. It doesn’t involve very much thinking, yet it […]

Mom’s Ballpoint Pen Mandala

My mom has a inspiration notebook, mostly for embroidery ideas. It’s where she write down quotes she wants to embroider and where she sketches out ideas sometimes. Recently she showed me these mandalas that she’d doodled and it made me all warm inside. Guess who, with all my talk, inspired her? To me it’s so […]

I’m not strange

The truly great advances of this generation will be made by those who can make outrageous connections, and only a mind which knows how to play can do that. Nagle Jackson Self portrait, of some sort. Another journal page (previous one was on the same theme; love your attitude) made on on loose paper in […]

Creativity in Snapshots | Circles

Drew a quick pencil flower, not in my Sketchbook or idea book or on a piece of white paper, but in my to-do-list notebook (#GTD) of course! Where else? Feeling more inspired now. Because I take a gazillion awesome photos of colours, inspiration, creativity, beauty & life I am publishing a series of posts called […]

Loving the pistil stitch

We’re on week 37 and this week I’ve made the 34th stitch of the year! Wow, right? The sampler is growing, slowly but steady. This stitch is called the pistil stitch, also known as long tack knot stitch or Italian knot stitch (and pistillstygn in Swedish). Now that I’ve learned how to do it (it’s […]