Meditation pillow in new fabric

The meditation cushions (I have two) has been on my floor for years. Obviously not my colour scheme but kind of invisible to me these days. They’re from Thailand, and in some kind of mix of woven textile and horrible blue and red acrylic fabric. But when I noticed the fabric is coming apart at the seams I decided to at least do something about them. To upholster them in some way…

I remembered to take a “before” photo. This is how they looked earlier this summer:
Rethinking this pillow - before

They’re “ethnic” looking and would look great in the right enviroment, but does not go with my turquoise table and gray sofa…

So I did some DIY rethinking and decided to finally cut into a fabric that Mimi once sent me. It’s a printed linnen fabric with a turquoise and lime green flower pattern. I love this fabric! Maybe next summer I will use the rest and sew myself a skirt…

Pretty green and turquoise fabric

I handsewed the fabric to make the new covers a close fit for the cushions. It took a while but it was worth it. Now I notice these cushions and enjoy sitting down on one of them at times. My meditation practice is awry but I sometimes try sitting. Just being. Breathing.


I used a green polka dot fabric for the ends to make it even more “fun”. I’m happy with how the “new” meditation cushions came out.

Meditation pillow from above

Take a look at your enviroment. The things that are invisible to us are sometimes very fun to “change up” and make pretty.

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