The List Journal:

Tammy and I did a journal swap a while ago. She made me this awesome little journal with a fabric cover, fold out pages, sewn pages filled with painted papers, scrapbook papers and cute stuff. I sent her a journal I made specially for her, featuring her initials and other bits from my paper stash. I love the surprise element of swapping. A bit of angst about making mine and sending it of, but thrilled to be receiving something handmade by an online friend. It was so exciting to open the envelope (I will share the photos from that next week) and find the journal I had been waiting for.

The List Journal:

I could’ve easily filled this journal on my own, but to extend the fun we decided to give each other prompts. There would be a list on each page! And you know how I love lists! I’m hoping some of you will be wanting to do this prompt too, and share links to the journal page you make in the comments below…

The List Journal:

So, we came up with list ideas, and then started to fill our books. I have no idea how Tammy’s look as I write this, but I pretty sure it’s awesome since I always enjoy her style. She’s posting hers today too on her blog DaisyYellow. But before you head over there, let’s look the page I made. It’s nothing complicated, just a quick written entry with a rainy-day-sticker.

List prompt: 5 Loves of Spring

List five things you love about spring, or any other season (or all of them!).

The List Journal:
This is my list: Things I love about spring.

Things I love about spring

  1. that the birds makes themselves heard again
  2. that it’s not dark after work when I get home + there is sunshine in the mornings too
  3. it’s time to put away winter boots, coats and await summer and warmth
  4. all the tiny spring flowers sticking up and then the first green leaves of the birch
  5. that general feeling I get that everything is new, bright and possible!

That’s what I love about spring! You?

Lists are fun, so please won’t you join us? There is a button that you can use, link it to me or DaisyYellow. –>

And next Saturday we’ll post the next list prompt! Fun, right? Also read Tammy’s post about our swap; 8156 km journal swap with Hanna!