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Quick flower
Drew a quick pencil flower, not in my Sketchbook or idea book or on a piece of white paper, but in my to-do-list notebook (#GTD) of course! Where else? Feeling more inspired now.

Because I take a gazillion awesome photos of colours, inspiration, creativity, beauty & life I am publishing a series of posts called Creativity in Snapshots right now. These photos makes me happy and I love sharing them with you. Let me know in the comments what you think. I do hope you will be inspired to share some photos of your own – or to snap some today if you haven’t already! It’s a little peak at my creative life. Here we go:

One of thousands this year
The day I don’t feel inspired to snap a photo of my yummy coffee I might be really in trouble. I hope the day never comes. How about you? Do you document your food?

Late summer and everything is super green and overgrowing. And the watch cat is on duty!

Hand dyed fabric found in a box and decorated with new circles. Not sure where it’s going, if anywhere. But I like it.

Thinking of circles
And then, a while later, I find myself arranging new circles on the floor. Thinking of circles and having ideas, but much as in this image, standing still and looking, just thinking about the next step.

How about you? What are you thinking about in your creative life?

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  1. Oh all your projects in the works are fun. That fabric would make a great pillow, or background for further stitching, almost anything. Great sox. xox

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