The month of May has been divided into two very intense parts: beautiful weather that draws me outdoors, away from the computer and blogging, and heavy computer work time that also has drawn me away from social media and writing blog posts.

But today I (almost) finished one of my articles, and while the sun is still blazing down on my beautiful balcony as I write this, I am taking an hour (stealing it away) to share a few photos of newness with you guys. I hope you find them inspiring.

Dear Photo Diary May 2018

Just looking through my photo folders from this year and spring, makes me realize I need to take more photos with the big camera. But alas, I have also got plenty of pretty views on my phone. But let’s see what to share today…

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Dear Photo Diary

There is a newness in the air. I spot it in these photos of my balcony during a season I have not experienced here before (we moved in late summer last year). I have lived a few years without a balcony, and got used to it. Kind of. But now, I never want to again.

Suprisingly the balcony was enveloped in a cloud of white blossoms in the beginning of the month.

View from my Window in May

Like magic it came, and a few days later it was gone.

My balcony

And since both of us have had birthdays, we have flowers both indoors and outdoors right now. So we bought these turquoise hanging planters. You just hook them onto the balcony rail and you’re done. I love them so much!

Cherry Blossoms at home 2

And I have gotten a dose of pink at home this year, just outside our building. I felt no need to take the train to Kungsträgården in Stockholm, where it is crowded with tourists wanting to take a selfie with the cherry blossoms all through spring.

Do you know how I feel

I should just bring out a blanket and spend a day under this particular tree, right?

Pink in the Sky -Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson #sweden

In other news, bought online second hand, I found a childhood favorite as DVD: Hello Sandybell. I used to watch this on VHS, anyone remember those?

Sandybell p svenska DVD

I’m looking forward to a rainy day when I can watch this anime series from the 1980s, and sing along to the theme song. This weekend we went to the first outdoor thrift market (backluckeloppis as we say in Sweden, a.k.a. tailgate thrift market). It was so warm I drank a bottle of water without noticing, but did score some good things. Among other things, this adorable little pile of fabric, for 5,73 US (50 sek).

New thrifted fabric pieces

So far this year, my sewing machine has only been working on paper, finishing up the edges of my DIY Postcards:

Sewn edges of my DIY Postcards

Shared this one on instagram already:

Black and Polka dot Painted postcard

Here’s the coloring-in-page postcard I got from Jenny, that I mentioned earlier:

Postcard from Jenny
Color-in-Postcard Before
Color-in-Postcard - During the process

I tried out a few new markers from Flying Tiger, but was disappointed in the bleak colors they produced. So then I switched to my Pitt Brush Pens instead. They’re still going strong.

And lastly, the Yoda cake! My boyfriend, a big fan of Star Wars, was born May 4th, which just happens to be Star Wars Day! So with all of our families gathered, we had this beauty:

May the 4th Cake

And no, I didn’t make it. He baked it and decorated it himself. He is an artist too, and a much bigger cake fan than I’ll ever be. But maybe you will recognize the table cloth?

Thanks for letting me share some May highlights.

May the creative force be with you, always.