A Stockholm Must See: Spring in Kungsan

Cherry blossoms in Kungsan

Is it just me, or have spring been unusually beautiful this year? And long, stretching for weeks with blossoms in every tree top… At least I’ve been walking like in a haze, looking up at the tree tops most of the time. Maybe it was because I started spring of early by making a visit to the King’s garden in Stockholm in early April, to see the Cherry Trees blossom.

For the last couple of years now it has become the one thing that you should take time to do each spring. Visit the park! It’s in the papers when it happens: the cherry blossoms have sprung – hurry up to see them before the blossoms fall to the ground, and the trees become ordinary trees… And swedes from all around the big city hurries there to see the magic.

Studio iHanna: Spring in Kungsan - a Stockholm must see and visit if you're in Sweden

The Japanese Cherry trees are planted in a narrow alley in a otherwise rather ugly “park” called Kungsträdgården, Kungsan for short. The ground is mosty asphalt and it’s a busy pass-through-place. But for a week or two in spring it is transformed into a pink heaven. Everyone takes photos, stops and marvels at the beauty of these trees. And I’m not the only one who loves pink for once…

Cherry blossoms in Kungsan

Here are a few photos from spring in Kungsan (#kungsankb):

Cherry blossoms for the win
Happy Photographer
Spring in the Kings garden - a Stockholm must see and visit if you're in Sweden #kungsankb
Enjoying the first spring sunshine
Under the blossoms
Cherry tree
Cherry blossoms in the sky

Thanks for joining me to the park. It is hard to stop taking photos once you start – but I know I can’t take all of this with me home anyway… I will just have to come back next year again, as usual. Wanna join me then too?

Every season I claim that this is my favorite season! I’ve even written posts about winter and autumn already, so I guess my mission for next week will be a post about spring, and then one for summer, later on.

What season is your favorite?

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6 Responses to A Stockholm Must See: Spring in Kungsan

  1. My goodness! The park is as crowded as the parks are in Tokyo when the blossom is out . . . how stunning it is.

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Wendy. And Tokyo you say? I wouldnt know, but I can imagin going there some day! :) but for now, good ol’ Sweden will do!

  2. Debi says:

    So beautiful, Hanna … thanks so much for sharing the pics! : )

  3. Nancy Wirt says:

    My favorite season is Fall, because of the trees.
    I’ve been down here in the desert for the past 3 autumns and it’s pretty sad.
    The sunsets are nice tho…

  4. Aimee says:

    Looks so beautiful, Hanna! It would be awesome to join you there next year. :) My sister was a foreign exchange student in Solna many years ago and still remembers it fondly. We so enjoyed learning more about your country through her.

    My favorite season is summer, because winters are long, cold and very snowy where I live. I grow what I can in my vegetable garden and we have a great farmer’s market to buy what I don’t have room to grow. And I like going outside without having to put multiple layers of clothing!

  5. Debbie says:

    Your pix are wonderful, Hanna…you can almost smell the cherry blossoms. I figure they must have a scent being so pretty…but I’ve never been to see the ones in Washington DC. I’d have to say summer is my favorite season as I really hate winter…I’m housebound then because of severe asthma…but in the spring & summer I can get outside & enjoy. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pink blossoms with us!

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