Pink leftovers
Today a simple page featuring pink leftover scraps, created on loose paper to later be bound into an art journal.

Sometimes I think this is my favorite kind of art journaling: picking up little bits of this and that and just gluing it down on a page. It doesn’t involve very much thinking, yet it frees up my mind and makes me calm and happy!

There is no planning going on, but because the first bit I picked up happned to be pink the rest of the scraps follow suit and makes a theme. A page comes together almost without effort.

On this page you might spot: bits from my handpainted paper stash (spray painted etc), bits of packaging, address label, book pages, post-it-note with doodles, magazine clipps, Christmas wrapping paper, tape – and more! All scraps are rather small, the page is just 16×16 centimeters (6,2×6,2″), but together they form a unit that tells a story of me. That’s why this is “journaling” to me: it tells a story (to me). Not sure what it is to someone else though.

Have you tried this method of making a collage or “art journaling”? It’s a favorite of mine for sure.