Mom's pins

Mom and me crafting time

One of my favorite creative habits in summer is mom and me craft-time. Well, it’s a favorite any time of the year but in summer we often set up camp in the veranda of my parents house. If it’s a sunny day we open all the windows and soak in sun. Both mom and I adore the heat. I bring up mom’s sewing machine and we listen to music, talk, and create together. Early in the day we have coffee and later, before dinner, we have drinks.

Sometimes we work together on similar projects, sometimes just side by side. This time mom was working on one of her quilt projects (more pot holders!) and I brought my glue stick. With a whole bunch of magazine clippings and a hand bound notebook I started to fill the white pages of my Inspirations Book (number 1).

Everyone needs this kind of notebook where you collect images and ideas that inspire you.

New glue stick that smells

The Inspirations Book is for images that I tear or cut out that totally inspires me (in some way or other) but that I don’t want to use in my art journal and doesn’t really fit anywhere else (collages etc.). I’ve made many diary collages in the past years, but with that kind of gluing I have to look through a lot of journals to find the collages in between the writing. In this notebook I will only glue things that really speak to me. It’s so much fun filling it and going through my stacks of clippings.

Peek into my Inspiration I book
A peek into one of the spreads in my Inspirations Book. I call this section “fashion” but really it’s the DIY potential, the colours, and ideas in the images that inspire me. These images makes me want to dig into my fabric stash, create and explore colours for my wardrobe even more!

I will write more, and show you more of this glue book another time. Do you have a similar idea and inspiration notebook?