If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), “Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?” chances are you are. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death.
Steven Pressfield – The War of Art

I’m sorting through little bits of paper scraps around here at the moment (my favorite thing to do in the whole world), and reminding myself that I am Creative enough! I know that you’ve never been doubting this, but sometimes I do…

Swap time in my world as I'm sorting through paper scraps to make postcards - photo by @ihanna #diypostcardswap

Sorting | Some of these tiny treasures are being used on the postcards I’m making for the DIY Postcard Swap (it’s open now and loads of people already signed up from all over the world!). Yay!

I’ll post my first postcard soon, but today I have also been sorting through digital photos on the computer (it’s a slow process with hundreds of stray files everywhere and Dropbox is filling up again so I’m moving things around). Found some gems, so presenting another instagram update for you.

And if this isn’t evidence of my habit of being creative every day, I don’t know what… Sketchbook pages being filled, illustrations being drawn, collage papers painted and new square art journal pages on loose paper in progress:

As seen on instagram, where I'm ihannas #creativity

Do you ever doubt yourself, as in the Steven Pressfield quote at the top of this post: Am I really an artist? Or do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re not moving forward with your art because the days is just passing to quickly?

I feel like that all the time (but don’t tell anyone)…

Reminder to self: I am Creative enough

Over time I’ve found a helpful trick to remind me of that I am actually good enough, and I do a lot even though some days I feel like I’m standing still. The trick is that I will look through my notebooks and sketchbooks from the past 2-3 weeks. There I can visually see that I’ve done a lot of art, writing and notes. Little by little, day by day. My creative habit is helping me forward.

I also look through my phone photos (like the ones above): and wow, how I love my colorful life as seen on instagram (where I’m @ihannas).

And if these photos isn’t evidence enough of my habit of being creative every day, I don’t know what… They make the gray sky outside and the dark mood of an unproductive week lighter to carry. I will try to do better… tomorrow.

Here’s to fall weather, fall cleaning (and organizing on the computer and making backups) and to the daily habit of creativity.