Peek into my art journal: a yellow flower

Big yellow flower
This page started as a big flower doodle, drawn with black ink on watercolour paper in my art journal. It sat like that for a while until I decided to make it a yellow flower. I like colouring my own doodles. I used watercolours, pitt pens, and some other pens (gel pen in white for example).

Some pages makes me more happy than others, but on the whole, it is the thing that is my art journal that makes me happy. I so love both the “filling it” and the part where I get to lay down in my sofa and look through it.

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  1. I agree with you…the art journal as a whole is just about the most pleasurable thing of all, no matter what the individual pages may hold. I like your flower doodle…a beautiful page.

  2. That is so true! Even my first ‘art’ journal which was nothing more than me tearing out cool things from magazines and printing from the web – makes me very happy! And realize just how much I WANT to do to brighten my home…. just never enough time!
    I love your doodle – what great colors too.

  3. Such a pretty flower.

    I really like to colour in my doodles too. I mostly use gel pens, coloured pencils, and markers. I’m moving to that point where I will have something to look back on in my journal.

  4. I love this page. Did you hear Rice’s interview with Dawn Sokol? V. good.
    It really gives some perspective on journaling, for me.

    This is gorgeous.
    Take care!

  5. Beautiful page, Hanna! Love the colors you chose! Thanks for sharing with us and brightening my morning!

  6. I just visualized happy Hannah on her sofa and had a smile on my face.
    Visualizing was easy because just yesterday night my own little book made me happy.
    enjoy your day

  7. What patience you have! Beautifully done. This creation put me in mind of a FREE
    class being offered on Oct. 31…by my friend on Willowing.. take a look at Your gorgous flower with extreme detail put me in mind of the mandala. Debi♥

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your art journal. I’ve just started one at the beginning of October & am really enjoying the process. I’m getting lots of inspiration looking at your pages.

  9. I love the colours in this page! And I do love pages in my journal, but I love so much more the WHOLE journal in it’s entirety. The way it bulges with paint and gesso and the way the book my hands…delicious, and motivating to keep filling journals.

  10. I agree with Tarsh, it’s the entire journal, the weight of it, the drips and drops and rainbow goodness of it all. And I like that you are creating doodles plus journaling, a lovely combination.

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