I believe in flower power – the power of nature in garden form.

There is so much beauty outdoors right now that I find it hard to sit down by the computer to write a blog post or two, even though I as usual have a lot I really want to communicate and share with you guys… Summer is the best time to photograph my work, because the light is amazing – but it’s the worst time to write about it since I can’t see the screen of my laptop outdoors. ;-)

A little beetle friend - photo by Hanna Andersson @ihanna #sweden

When I am inside I also feel some real resistens to working by the computer. I want to go outside. Or indoors I’d rather read a book, paint or doodle – away from the computer. But I just had to share a bit of the wonderful summer eye candy that I’ve been collecting this past week. The flower power is strong this summer…

Pink and white combo - photo by Hanna Andersson @ihanna #sweden

I suffer from serious garden envy most of the time, but I also feel grateful for the people that take the time create these little heavens on earth. Gardens that are filled with amazing flowers and greenery all through the season.

It’s not easy to create something that is arranged and cut to size but still allowed to be as wild and free as nature should be.

Martagon Lilies (#krollilja in Swedish) - photo by Hanna Andersson @ihanna #sweden

I keep dreaming of my own garden, the one that I will have one day.

A small bit of grass to walk barefoot through, a place where I’m allowed to pick as many flowers as I like.

Poppy in red - photo by Hanna Andersson @ihanna #sweden

And until then, I enjoy other’s gardens (like this one that belongs to a friend).

I pick flowers by photographing them. I believe in the flower power of gardens and nature combined.

I admire the little creatures that pollinates the flowers, as they are making more beauty by staying busy, like little artist’s in their studio space.

Flower Power in Sweden - photo by Hanna Andersson @ihanna #sweden

I sit quietly and breath in their smell as the sun sets behind the distant trees. I sit until the last rays of sunshine leaves us (for now), and the night settles in.

I breath in. I breath out – My own mantra of living.