I went to town today riding on my bike. I got a lot of stuff that I wasn’t supposed to buy (including four beautiful Geranium flowers for 100 SEK) but forgot to pick up the developed photos that I was meant to pick up.

Rosa pelargonier / Pink Geranium / Pelargonium


The beauty
Our cat Smilla is a beauty queen. I love her to bits. Tomorrow we’re expecting a cat visitor over the weekend. I hope it works out well.

Pelargon och iskaffe

When I came home from town I made myself a frapp (iced coffee) and sat on the balcony for a while browsing a book about paper cards that I borrowed from the library. And then it hit me. I live such a crafty life that I don’t have the time to blog about all the crafty things that I want to blog about. The things i thrift, fabric I buy, things I sew and glue and collage, people I meet and stuff I sell and crafty books I read that I want to tell you all about… and then there is the one hundred photos per day that I take that I want to view and put together and enjoy.

It’s my life, and I can’t document everything. You figure it out.