June, the empress of the year

The empress of the year, the meadows’ queen,
Back from the East, with all her goodly train,
Is come, to glorify the world again
With length of light and middle Summer-Sheen.
In every plot, upon her throne of green,
Bright blooms the rose; with birds and blossom-rain
And perfume ecstacied are wood and plain
And Winter is as if it ne’er had been.
Oh June, liege-lady of the flowering prime,
Now that thrush, finch, lark, linnet, ousel, wren
Thy praises pipe, to the Iranian bard
How shall we harken, who, the highwaymen
Autumn and Winter, warns us, follow hard
On thy fair feet and bide their baleful time?
John Payne

Inspiration mosaic - May 2011
May 2011 inspirational mosaic, collected on Flickr. View big.

Inspired by creativity

I’m inspired by creativity all the time: embroidery, mail art, cute softie cats, color sorted books, doodles, window vignettes, pretty tea cups, fun owls, love, children, colourful crochet, street art, meeting creative people, and poetry and patchwork in any form.

June is here already!

June is here! June is here already! It is the beginning of a promising and bright summer. I couldn’t agree more with Payne’s poem, June feels like the empress of the year, the meadows’ queen! There is a happiness in the air right now, with thousand of kids honking and cheering outside right now, because it’s the end of the school time and graduation.

May went by all too quickly but I’m glad it’s over, hoping June will bring more me-time. I’ve had so much to do that my creative life has suffered a bit and I miss my paints and the writing part. Soon the Embroidery magazine will be completely finished and sent of to the printer, the embroidery exhibition is over (and it was a success this year too) and work should maybe then feel a bit more balanced. I hope!

I want to catch up on

* sleep!
* walking
* emails
* writing
* editing, deleting and sorting photos
* the ongoing Blurb photo books
* uploade photos to flickr
* blogging
* and then fix my broken camera

I want to come up with some embroidery project/composition to work on in June too. I finished quite a few WIP for the exhibition so now I’m kind of… free to do something new/different. I have many many ideas in my head. I have to remind myself that embroidery is a slow process and I can’t do them all.

What are your projects for summer? What is your prioritize right now?

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  1. Can I just say DITTO, oh what wonderful things you create. and yyyaaaaayyyy I’v found another Art Journal artist. I so glad you wrote. Thanks

  2. I just found this wonderful blog called Spirit Cloth. I’ve been so inspired that I think I’ll try something like that. Nice mosaic.

  3. Thank you for visiting! I am so inspired by Regina’s work and her piece for the ebook was wonderful.

    I love your site–it is cheery and full of inspiration. I will have to spend more time going through your posts.

  4. it is winter here now. i want to improve my painting, also my writing & add to my altered book journal” flights of fancy” that was inspired by your blog.

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