Dear dear blog,

do not disappear on me like that again. Please, I beg of you, stay healthy and strong. For me.

First, when I noticed that the server where I keep you hosted had crashed (this was on June 2nd) I felt a sting of irritation. I was in the mood of writing a blog post about my Index Card project, and then I couldnt. I couldnt do anything. You had left the building, and without warning.

You know I have so many things to share, all the time, and I know you wouldn’t do that on purpose… But I could not access your main page or even the wordpress administrator pages. I couldnt even delete some spam while waiting. And it wasnt just me, nobody could see you!

Index Card 02

And after a few hours I got worried about you!

Where did you disappear when you where gone? I feared you had been swallowed by a black hole or taken hostage by the evil Internet Monster. I feared for your contents well being!

Then I started to feel sad, almost depressed. It was as though I had miss-placed a child of mine. Yes, you are my baby and you need me to take care of you. To feed you and love you and update your sidebars. To fill you with photography, creativity, inspiration and love.

I also need you. I admit it now, I really need you.

But I know you already knew this. We know each other well by now, dont we?

I need you to be my container of happy thoughts and good ideas. You are the place where I can finish projects, share the joy of making art and my virtual home base on the internet. I dont keep a lock on the door because I welcome visitors, and you get nurtured by their comments and link love.

Index Card 00

A few days in, the server was still down, and others started to notice. I got tweets, emails, flickr messages and comments on my flickr stream with the question that was occupying my own thoughts: where is the blog? Asking: Hanna, what is happening?

Our readers was feeling the loss too, and was hoping for your quick recovery! Thanks everyone for your concern, and special thanks to Daisy Yellow who posted a guest post to ease my worst abstinence. There are a few more images missing and a few things to work out on the new server, but thankfully, as you can see, the blog content is not lost in cyberspace.

Im so very glad youre back now my blog and friend.

I love you a lot dear blog!