iHanna's Postcard Pile
I got a good start with my postcard this year, totally in the flow while painting my big papers, as you can see in the postcard video I made. When my papers where covered in paint and dry, I added lots of patterned tissue paper, and glitter!

When the postcards where cut to size (four postcards from one sheet of paper) I was contemplating using canceled postal stamps as decoration for the front (and finished one in that way), but then decided I wanted words!

DIY Postcard Oh she was so beautiful

Luckily a nice blogger friend (Katie!) once sent me pages from different fairy tale books, and from these few pages I managed to find words for all the postcards I made. Magical words that I strung together into new poetry, new meaning. I have been posting a few to instagram, because each one makes me smile.

DIY Postcard 2014

Thought I could scan all my postcards this year, but it didn’t work. As much as I adore that lovely acrylic paint in neon, it is not what my scanner love. Neon pink shows up as a bleak version of pink, and then you wouldn’t know how these cards sparkle and shine. So instead I took the time to photograph each postcard individually.

Painted Postcard with glitter and tissue paper

I need to have a digital copy of these for reference and safekeeping. I document my postcards as much for myself, as it is for your guys. But I like sharing them so here they are, my 10 lovely postcards, already on the way:

DIY Postcards: I see the way
DIY Postcard: Oh she was so beautiful
DIY Postcard: I remember some pictures exactly
DIY Postcard: felt a touch on the shoulder...
DIY Postcard: We laughed and danced with joy
DIY Postcard: That evening in the moonlight..
DIY Postcard: I will find you to twinkle all the time
DIY Postcard: I have seen a wonderful thing
DIY Postcard: Oh dear, always pretend as though she must be the star
DIY Postcard: Quick, quick, just finished 439 glasses of lemonade - it seemed

Which of the cut out word poems I made do you like best?

I made a pink backside (on the computer as usual) this year. Printed it, cut it out, glued it to the back and then pressed the finished postcards under a stack of big books to make them flat. Then it was time to add postal stamps, write and send!

Making and writing postcards
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