Everyone has been made
for some particular work,
and the desire for that work
has been put in every heart.

Inspiration Mosaic February 2013
Inspiration Mosaic February 2013. View big.

Do you ever get creative cravings away from home?

I do. More often than not I have great ideas at times when I can’t execute them. At work, or while getting busy to travel somewhere. Ideas inspired by things I see or feel or remember. Materials I know I own that I want to play with! Sometimes, like today, I write a long list of visual ideas that I would love to play with. Ideas I find in my head that should, in some way, be experimented with.

A list that will, when I do have the time, remind me that there is no shortage of things to do in the creative life!

This is what’s on my list for/in March:

  1. Make tiny notebooks
  2. Turn a deck of playing cards into a deck of Inspiration
  3. Paint postcards – check!
  4. Take b/w self portraits
  5. Make patterns on tissue paper
  6. Sew mixed media prayer flags
  7. Organize framed art on one of my walls
  8. Create a cloths line for art on the wall above my desk
  9. Experiment further with free form quilting and machine embroidery
  10. Sew a simple pouch for walks (room for just the keys and cell phone) – check!
  11. Draw and doodle on acrylic paint
  12. Write a looong list and start each sentence with I love…check!
  13. Edit and publish more youtube videos because it’s fun – check!
  14. Paint on brown paper
  15. Make my own fabric and paper beads
  16. Use the pink clay I’ve got for making tiny bead-like hearts
  17. Paint a big canvas with happiness + circles
  18. Paint on fabric
  19. Bind a Venice inspired journal
  20. Sew big softie cats in wool
  21. Make tiny cloth art pieces
  22. Spray paint the magazine storage neon pink
  23. Finish a few of my WIP projects

It might take a while, but I enjoy a slow list. Sometimes I check back on old lists to see if I’ve made progress – and often without knowing – I have!

What’s on your list for March?