Fun free motion sewing

Free motion sewing

I love free motion sewing! If my sewing machine did too I would do it a lot more, but most of the time it ends with us really disliking each other (and the machine needle tip breaking off!).

You use a special sewing machine foot, that comes with the machine most of the time, and instead of letting the machine feed the fabric through you hold onto it firmly and move it where you want to sew. I like making circular motions, that’s easiest.

Free motion sewing

Have you tried it yet?

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  1. Om jag har! Konstaterade idag att det var länge sedan, för det är så kul! Speciellt om man kompletterar med färger och lite handbroderat.

  2. I love free motion stitching!!
    You can see some of the projects I’ve done here and here!

    And this summer, when I was in England, I bought a beautiful small painting, with free motion stitched on it. I love it, and I love the idea of combining stitching on paper! You work here really reminded me of this piece I bought, although yours is on fabric. I can’t find any work by Tracey, the artist I bought it from, online, so I’ll have to take a pic and send it to you, I know you’ll like it :-)

  3. I love how it looks, but I am terrible at it. Though I suspect my sewing machine may be possessed! Love your flowers. I have little control, so mostly do circles and squiggles.

  4. Awesome flowers and doodles! I have tried some free motion patterns on a quilt I made, and I found if I lowered the feed dog thingys (the metal teeth that feed the fabric through under the sewing foot) I didn’t break needles and the fabric moved a lot easier!

  5. I just discover how it works and I love it. Not free motion quilting – there I feel like a complete beginner but sewing works better. The first needle broke I think thats normal. I love your flowers and the colors.

  6. Love what you have done,Hanna!!! Ihave tried freehand machinequilting years ago but it´s very difficult

  7. I tried it for the first time last weekend and it absolutely sucked (there’s no better way to say it, haha). The underthread got all tangled, even though it looked fine on the right side of the fabric. I don’t know if I need more practice or if I’m doing something wrong. Anyway I decided to stick to a regular foot for the journal cover I was working on to save myself from throwing my machine out the window and plan a special session for figuring this free motion stuff out. Maybe check youtube and such to see where my mistake lies. I am determined to figure it all out somehow. ;-)

  8. I am still struggling to get the “feel” of free motion stitching. But this post has renewed my enthusiasm to continue trying! What appeals to me so much here is that nothing has to be perfect or follow a prescribed design! This collection of designs is beautiful, flirty, joyful, heartfelt and sooooo inspiring! I can not wait to get back to practicing! Only this time i will be creatively playing while learning the rhythm and feel.

    YOU are awesome!

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