ICAD could stand for irresistible challenge, right? At least it seams that that’s what it is to me. Irresistible. And quite doable too. Those of us who has tried it, can not resist being pulled back in and doing it year after year. But ICAD stands for “index card a day”. It’s an art challenge on index cards.

ICAD - Index Card A Day all summer long

And in case you’re scratching your head, wondering what the heck index cards are, they are those writing cards you could make registers with at the office, mostly before we had computers… My favorite are ruled, with a red divider line at the top for “title” of your card. There’s blank ones too, but that’s kind of cheating to me. What I love about them is that they’re office supplies that nobody thought to use before Tammy, who invented this challenge, did. I love that!

You can still buy index cards in good book stores or office supplies shops (or online where you’ll find a bigger selection of white, colored or even neon index cards! ), but around here we just use them for play and art.

Daily art, during June and July.

Here’s my “intro card” for 2019, in the making:

Doing ICAD this year again

I have just a few pink index cards left from a previous year, then I actually need to go and by a new pack. I miss the first one or two years I did this challenge, when I had a big pile of thrifted index cards. They were thicker and cooler to paint than the white, new ones I use now. But alas, I haven’t been able to find vintage index cards again.

As I finished my postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap last weekend, I also painted my first index card. And realized just how long it had been since I painted just for fun last time. Two whole months, or there about. So once I had started painting, I could hardly stop myself. I love painting!

Index Card June 1: Strawberries, blueberries and milk

I got a some small bottles of Golden Fluid Acrylic paint for my birthday, and oh my, they’re a dream to paint with. I love the colors, and how easy it is to paint with them. Yum!

Index Card June 2: Color splotches

So these are my first two index cards of the year, from week one 2019. Do you like them? Are you doing ICAD too?

If you’re new to ICAD, or need some inspiration to get going, here’s some links for you.

Index Card Inspiration

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Take care, and stay creative!