I could only read a couple of pages in Traci Bautista’s book Collage Unleashed before I had to put it down. Not because I thought it was a bad book, but because I was so inspired I couldn’t continue reading. I couldn’t sit still and not be creative. I jumped up, gathered my acrylic paints and a pile of used but saved envelopes and headed out in the sun with my biggest paint brush in hand.

Painted background paper

Envelopes are great to use as a canvas for acrylic paint, thicker than printer paper as they are. I used a plastic card to smear paint all over the papers I had found. Then I stamped some, stained and spilled over everything with watered paints. Mark making. Layering. Fun fun fun!

Painted background paper spread out on the ground outdoors

I filled a couple of pages in my precious Art Journal and also some torn out book pages with text. They dried quite fast in the setting sun. I might have been born to do this. Smear paint and feel this happiness at this precise moment. Right now, just like this.

Mix together colors, spread the joy I feel inside onto paper while I breath and live.

Acrylic paint fun

Backgrounds, collage papers or pages for a book that I will bind. I haven’t decided yet. I just enjoy this pile of papers so much.

Working in my journal

The newspaper that I used as a protection mat was also filled with paint when I finished. I used most of the newspaper too, for collages. I cut out a copy of my hand that I did at the office recently, and glued it into my Art Journal, onto those smeared, stamped, colored pages. Glue anything and then sit back and look at it. Add anything. Finally journal all over!


This is the pile after a couple of hours of playing where I had room to breath and be:

Painted background papers

This is me, just then, right now:

Painting outside
Photo by mom. Samsung Digimax L60.

I wish you could’ve been there with me, I would lend you my paints and my sunshine any time.

Don’t you feel inspired to be happy right now? So smile girl, smile!