When I sit down by the computer to write I think about craft and art. I think about sewing, embroidery, how to make little polymer clay flowers that I’ve sketched, painting on fabric, taking photos of pillows I’ve finished, drawing princesses in my Art Journal or something else I want to try right now.

Then, when I settle down with a project I come up with these great blog entries and I write them inside my head. I have titles, themes, photos and sentences set up in my head but when I come back to the computer…

I sit down and start surfing, clicking around and forget to write and what I was wanting to write about! And the weather is nice again so I want to make stuff but be outside so I…

Oh well…

Sewing some with sweet iHanna

Today I took mom’s sewing machine out for a spin. I’m sewing together even more stripes for the quilt, now it’s the border I’m making. It will be one long stripe of different fabrics. I took this photo with the self-timer on my camera.

I’ve gotten so many nice comments on my recent posts, and I haven’t written to any of you to say thanks. I’m writing in my newly opened Moleskine diary in the morning and reading great books during the day. I need to write a couple of reviews to tell you about them too!

Sewing some

My view if I look up. In my ears I have CraftCast show with Tonya Davidson that I hadn’t listened too (oh now I want to go to her art shop and buy stuff to try soldering and resin but instead I’m going here to order Moleskine Pocket Japanese Accordian Album because I’m going to be in a Moly x-change and I’m thrilled about that, plus I hadn’t looked at this Accordion Moleskine book and I think it looks like so much fun to fill one of those!) and CraftSanity podcast show number 76 with an interview with knitting book authors Larissa and Martin that wrote the book Knitalong (it has so many nice patterns in it, I want it!).


Sewing some

And while sewing you need a drink girls! I swear, it just gets better that way. This is my favorite pre-dinner drink in the summer time. It’s called Åkesson and it’s from Italy, I think? Hm.

Then we had dinner.

Summer time dinner

Summer dinners are the best!

And Miss Smilla the cat?

She is rather demanding right now. She tells me when she wants to go outside and comes to the table to eat. She is spoiled. Just look at her:

Kitty kitty darling

I love her so much. I should try to take a photo of how she looks when sleeping in my bed at night. All stretched out under the blanket, so relaxed I think she is dead and need to check her. Though she is alive each time.

All is good.