My first knitted graffiti! Well, to be honest, my first graffiti ever I think!

Knitted graffiti

I just haven’t meet people that was “in to” this kind of stuff before, but this Sunday we were a bunch that sat outside and made little pieces of decoration for our environment. I had a very nice time with new people. I had no idea what to do, but after I took some of the green moss colored wool and spun it into a little wobbly yarn ball, I carved myself a pair of tiny knitting needles with a knife.

Nature knitting

I decorated my little art piece with some of the flowers and grass I was sitting on while creating, then after fika but before heading home I found a nice pole to decorate and then I left it there as Guerrilla Art, Public Art, Knitted Graffiti or litter – what ever you want to call it.

I feel a warm and strange sense of pride. I feel a bit mischievous (like a naughty girl in a fun way), and it makes me wanna giggle. Look, what a hooligan I am!

My knitting project

What will be my next graffiti project
you think? I want to cover a ugly pole outside my parents house or maybe one of the apple trees in the garden?

What will you do to make your environment more crazy and fun? Visit Knitta Please to get more inspiration, and let me know what secret agent name you would use to tag your next installation? I don’t know what I will call myself yet, maybe you have a suggestion?