The first week of ICAD/June is done, and I have seven freshly baked index cards to show for it. On the back of each one I do my daily journaling blurb, a little note about what I’ve done or thought about. But on the front, I’ve painted or done a playful little collage this week.

ICAD day 3 index card by iHanna #icad2019
June three – painted polka dots.

Please DO waste art materials. Use paper. Empty paint jars. Deplete pens. If it’s teaching you stuff, it’s not being wasted.
Danny Gregory

Working on index cards again reminds me of summer’s past, when I’ve done the same. It brings back memories and images I’d almost forgotten. It’s such a lovely little thing to do…

…to make art on an index card. It also reminds me of how I want to start a new Traveler’s Notebook to take notes on what’s happening in my life right now. And to do more of my journaling.

Here’s what I think is the last of my white lined index cards, then there are a stack of pink ones left from a few years ago when I got these from a friend. After that I’m cleaned out of index cards!

ICAD day 4
ICAD June 4 – Journal every day! Or at least as often as you can.

ICAD day 5 - Strawberry fields is forever
ICAD June 5 – Strawberry fields is forever.

I’ve been obsessed with strawberry patterns for the past couple of months, pinning everything strawberry that I see on Pinterest. I’m especially loving all the cute vintage Strawberry Shortcake images I’m finding online. I still have my Strawberry Shortcake doll as well as Raspberry Tart doll, from when I was a kid, and I love both oh so much. I could do a blog post about them if you’re interested? And I find time to take her outside to do a proper photo shot with her.

ICAD day 6 - Sweden's National Day index card by iHanna #icad2019
ICAD June 6, Sweden’s National Day.

The index card I made this Friday has quite a few evidences from me creating postcards for the swap, as you might see:

ICAD day 7 - Layered Friday index card by iHanna #icad2019
ICAD June 7 – Layered Friday.

I shared this card on my instagram too, and wrote:

    Collage on index card, featuring a label from a new pen case that was a gift, introverted humor, postal stamp sticker leftover, washi tape, fruit sticker, used postal stamp, cut up label, deco tape, magazine clipping and copy paper – on a pink index card.

ICAD day 8 - my religion is creativity index card by iHanna #icad2019
ICAD June 8 – my religion is creativity, as stated many times before on this blog.

Creativity is my religion, because I believe in it so much. /iHanna #creativity

And finally, Sunday’s index card:

ICAD day 9 - Create our happy life yourself index card by iHanna #icad2019
ICAD June 9 – Create a happy life for yourself!

The little penguin represents my brother who did the most amazing BBQ dinner yesterday. So good.

Oh, before you go! I wanted to show how the finished intro card look now, all glued down:

ICAD intro card 2019 by iHanna
In my last post I showed it just “placed”, but after I glued the letters in place, I kept embellishing them with little bits of paper and stickers. I think it turned out okay. What do you think?

Which of the index card of this week is your personal favorite? Let me know below, and why you picked that card. I’d love to know.