Pinning it together

Painting your own fabrics is exciting to me. Altering what is to see what you get is an adventure. Exploring new ways to make your mark in the world, little by little…

Happy fabric made by me

Following Alisa’s advice from the dvd workshop I was working quickly without much thinking, adding layers to my fabric squares. Stamping more colours and then doodling with a black marker. Writing letters and fast scribbles.

Sewing with iHanna

After doodling on top of the painted fabric I have added even more layers using the sewing machine. I’ve sewn in little pieces of patterned fabric here and there, appliqud bits from the scrap box. To doodle with the sewing machine is fun too, difficult but interesting. It leaves the fabric with more marks and also new texture. Squiggly lines of black or pink thread, going through the paint and fabric. Then sewing the squares together to make a larger piece of fabric that I am then turning into a new something special for me. Just for me.

Mixed media sewing

When I was using acrylic paint on fabric I was exploring the possibilities of that combination. Now I am exploring what to create with that fabric. A special iHanna Designed bag… more pictures coming to a blog near you soon. I promise!