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There is many many fun things to explore in the world, creatively talking, and I have already experimented a lot as is evident here on my sweet blog. Still, there is a lot of things left that I haven’t even touched yet but long to try. Sylvia Plath was right, I am horrible limited! My lists runneth over with creative wild juicy ideas and want to get started with projects! Anyway. Here are a few of them, in a short but sweet list;

I want to…

1. Make bunting flags from fabricList it Tuesday (done)
2. Create my own font
3. Create a special hanger for my necklaces
4. Make my own paste paper

5. Write a letter to myself in my diary
6. Name my inner critic and send her of for a long holiday in the Bahamas (done!)
7. Create a useful and interesting e-book
8. Weave a mat on a big loom
9. Make an index of all my full diaries, and count them (done)

10. Experiment with dye on embroidery floss and fabric (done)
11. Create my own online class
12. Make clay beads
13. Sew a whole bunch of checkered and striped softies
14. Try a needle felting machine /embellisher
15. Take an embroidery class (done)

16. Take a mixed media live class (oh to go to Journal Fest before I die!)
17. Bake blue cookies
18. Create my own handmade daily calendar for 2011 – done
19. Try some Chinese paper cutting (done)
20. Have another “create art everyday” project! (done)

What is on your list? How do one tackle such diverse and huge tasks when just writing the list feels a bit overwhelming (and these are just some ideas of the many many I have in my head all the time…)? Or with Plath’s words:

I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. And why do I want? I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in life. And I am horribly limited.
Sylvia Plath

PS: Do you like to make lists too? Join the List it Tuesday project that Aimee has started on her blog wonderful Artsyville. She invites everyone who, like me, loves to make lists. :-)

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21 Responses to List: Creative Experiments to try

  1. melydia says:

    These all sound wonderful. You might want to consider looking at for #2 – I’ve never used it but it was recommended to me. (Not that I would ever want to make a font out of the secret code I like to call my “handwriting”.)

    #16 – Oh, I would LOVE to go to JournalFest! Maybe someday they’ll hold it closer than 2800 miles away from me! :)

    #18 – I love this idea. How do you put it together? A small binder, or what?

  2. iHanna says:

    Thanks for commenting!
    Melydia, yeah,, there should be a JournalFest in each city, don’t you think? I live in Sweden so I can’t even calculate how far away (and how much it would cost) for me to go there… But maybe some day… *living in wishville today*
    I have several ideas about calendars but non is “finished” as of yet. Will post if I make one though.

  3. Elisabet says:

    There are a lot of things that I would like to do, too, but I?m too lazy to list them all! For instance No 19, Chinese paper cutting. Are you attending a course?

  4. What an inspiring list!

  5. eden says:

    Hanna, I love Ur list! I haven’t done a creativity list in years. I wish I saved my older ones because it would b interesting to c what I still am passionate about now compared to what Ive given up for whatever the reason. U could so do,a,calendar so easily with all the pretty pages u’ve done. Yep, journalfest is on my wishlist too.

  6. iHanna says:

    Elisabet, I dare you not to do paper cuttings this month! In the class (that you are already taking!) 21 Secrets on of the parts is actually called Ancient Chinese Papercutting Meets Modern Art Journal by Emma Peabody! I haven’t watched all the videos of hers yet but I am looking forward to do it.

    Anette Linnea, thank you!

    Eden, I have made several creative lists on my blog with links to tutorials etc, sometimes I revisit and get re-inspired by them! Lists are great ways to inspire and remember your ideas by.

  7. Karen M says:

    There is never enough hours in the day, is there? But what fun you have to look forward to while experimenting with all of this!

  8. iHanna says:

    Karen, no not enough hours. It becomes more evident when you make lists such as this one, though it also explains what you should prioritize in life! :-)

  9. Valerie says:

    First of all Hanna, your blog is beautiful! Secondly, I love your list! I think I have one of these in my head, but writing it down would be great fun, and inspiring, I think. I think I’m going to join up on Listing Tuesday, because I LOVE making lists.

    If you make that font, I want to see it! How amazing would that be!

  10. U2Kitteh says:

    Oh Hanna! I wish you much luck and enjoyment fulfilling your list! =c) I don’t feel I say it enough, but thank you for sharing your incredible journal of creativity with us. You are so very talented and inspirational.

  11. MissKoolAid says:

    That’s a nice list. I constantly make lists of my own but just don’t post them.
    I’ve been thinking about doing something for 2011 like when we did Daily Art Cards. That was fun and I kind of miss the challenge. If you want to do something, I’d play along for sure.

  12. Kate says:

    Oh my goodness. You are so creative! How do you keep those creative juices flowing? Most of the things in your list I didn’t even know you could do. If you an on-line class…sign me up!

  13. Ingrid says:

    oo, what a great list – i want to make a bunting, too! did want to let you know that the link to Aimee’s blog doesn’t work!

  14. Lee says:

    Hanna I do love visiting your blog.
    I am a list maker but usually not big ones like this. For me the thought of a list like this is overwhelming but I like the quote at the end. Makes me see it differently and now I want to make that list

  15. laurie b says:

    i DO love to make lists and i, too, feel horribly limited by time. you have inspired me to make my own list of creative things i want to do.

  16. Arielle says:

    Great list, Hanna! Thank you for sharing it with us! I’m definitely a list-maker, too. I have two small white boards hung on my craft room wall that allow me to keep track of crafty projects I want to work on in the near future, and crafty projects that I need to make in the next month or so. Keeps me on track with prioritizing my crafty projects, but also lets me choose what I want to work on at that moment depending on how I’m feeling. Glad to know others love lists as much as I do!

  17. Genevieve says:

    When you come to Journalfest, lets do lunch. (My treat!)


  18. aimee says:

    these are all fabulous!! you’ve given me ideas for 20 new posts! i love your lists, hanna!!

  19. I’m a chronic list maker and #1 & #2 are already on my list of creative things I want to do! Although I want to make miniature bunting for my bookshelves rather than full size, and I want to finish the lino-cut font I started for a project years and years ago.

    You’ve inspired me to publish my own list, maybe it will give me the incentive to strike a few off!

  20. Kelly Light says:

    I couldn’t manage without lists, I have lots of lists that help me juggle my day to day life! Love your creative list!

  21. Corvus says:

    One tackles huge lists of projects the same way they tackle anything else: one step at a time. If the entire list is too overwhelming, it helps me to mentally “put away” all of it but the step in front of me… then do it again, and again, and again.

    I once walked 750+ miles in less than two months that way.

    My list? I have a Grey Knit Wrap dress I want to sew, and ideas for two different reconstructed dresses (which I’d like to make tutorials for as well). I have a host of projects in process: a helmetliner, my first socks, my Wonder Woman shirt. I’d like to make a polymer clay tutorial for a piece I think would make a good holiday gift, and I may well have my first craft show coming up, so there’s a lot of potential preparation there. Oh, and I want to build a trebuchet.

    My projects list, in fact, is insanely long. I think I need to have a go at reducing it.

    AAaaand I have a full time temp job that I have to drive an hour each way to get to, which really eats my time. Ahh!

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