Art Journal Detail: A Row of Cats

Another art journal pages from my handmade pink-orange journal:

Pocket and ephemera

Transparent pocket with new jeans label inside. The right page is made from a paper bag, and has a row of cats at the top. Here is a close up:

Row of cat stamps
My mom bought a kit of cat stamps, and I borrowed them. These are my favorites. And here is a cat that is jumping:

Jumping cat stamp

And then the promise of more play this week…

The blank page comes next
…blank pages, waiting for me, my pencils and colours to spill on them…

Aren’t your pages waiting for you?

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  1. As much as I love the pages I’ve already decorated and created upon, I do love the blank pages…I actually run my hands over their smooth surface and feel the “joy” of what awaits as I get ready to create something new!

  2. The row of cats is adorable. Such fun stamps!
    My art journal is begging me to play in it. I haven’t touched its pages in over a month!!! Time to get back to it, me thinks!

  3. Love all the collaged, ephemera-l pieces on your journal spread. Great cat stamps, too! I don’t usually “get into” cartoon-style stamps, though that’s been changing over the past year or two. Here I see how fun it can be to include that sort of graphic on an art journal page!

  4. Nice spread, and do I spot some cat marks on the floor at the right side as well? Love the cat stamps. And I wonder do you sew the page and then glue it into the book? Could be a little tricky to put the book to the machine.

  5. These pages are way too adorable… WOW!
    Love the transparent pocket. It is always fun to add pockets to your journaling pages. Fill them up with little “artsy” surprises :]

  6. Laila, yes those are little cat paw marks (from a stamp) there too. I did sew papers to some pages (recycled envelopes mostly) before I assembled the whole book. Now I’m working in it with a glue stick, stamps, writing and paint, further adding to the pages and making it a journal in progress.

    Thanks for commenting!

  7. Yes, they are waiting on me, and I have my pens and pastels all ready! Can’t wait for this weekend.

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