When you try to completely fill just one inch (2,54 centimeters) with embroidery stitches, you realize how time consuming embroidery really is. But don’t let that stop you. It is also meditative, reflective and time spent well.

Embroidered Inchies by iHanna #pink #embroidery

Embroidered Inchies by iHanna. Little fabric one inch sized squares with a colour theme.

We are swapping inchies in my embroidery group, Embroidered Inchies. Inchies is a very small form of art that is 1 x 1 inch small, that is 2.54 x 2,54 centimeter. Pretty small canvas to work with, but it can be done. I tried doing an inchie collage once but the format wasn’t for me. It felt to small to express anything I wanted to say.

Lots of french knots in pink
I decided to be abstract with my embroidered inchies as you can see, and I used a hoop while working with them. It is fascinating how long it can take to just “fill” one square inch with stitches. Embroidery is indeed a slow art form.

Pink pearls on an inchie made by iHanna

We devided colours in the group, and I choose pink. I am making a batch of light pink inchies and one with darker pink magenta inchies. These are the first embroidered inchies I’ve ever made and I think they are turning out very nice. I especially like them in a grid like this, working systematically and one inch at a time…

Close up of the inchie embroidery

I don’t know yet what I’ll do when I get the other colours, but I imagine a rainbow of inchies on black fabric in some way… What would you do with little inchie squares like these? Have you ever created something this small?

Here are some more photos, because I think they look extremely yummy;

Detail inchie embroidery in pink made by iHanna

Stitches and pearls made by iHanna

Chain Stitch by iHanna on an Inchie Swirly #embroidery made by iHanna