DIY Skirt with a lot of Embroidery

Happy World Embroidery Day today!

Whether you are celebrating with stitching on an old embroidery project or starting a brand new today in honor of this special day, I hope that you take the time to embroider something. Today on July 30, it is namely the World Embroidery Day, a day when we feel a special fellowship and joy through our stitches.

Jeans Skirt Finished

What better to share with you today than my handmade DIY Jeans Skirt with lots and lots of stitches strewn all around it? I’m wearing it right now, and was wearing it as I went out to meet my Embroidery Group at a Castle Café a few miles away today.

Jeans Skirt Stitches 3

I wanted to let you know that what pinned inspiration and Glue Book images that I collect and save sometimes actually lead me somewhere! Like I mentioned in a previous post it’s fun to collect inspiration, but it’s very very important to act on that inspiration. To pin one image, look at it thoroughly and then do something on your own inspired by that project/image/idea (not copied, just inspired!). So that’s what I did with my old pair of worn out jeans, so soft at some places the fabric is like silk. I have seen a lot of jeans DIY clothes and decided to create a skirt for myself!

Embroidered Jeans Skirt

These pants as pants were ready for the trash bin, but they’ve lingered on in my closet for a few years now. Yes I really loved this pair. I couldn’t wear them because they showed pretty much all of my bum, and were falling apart, but still I kept them thinking that someday I’d “do” something with them. And now I have!

Jeans Skirt Stitches 4

I added patches and bits from the cut of legs as I went along… It’s all hand stitched!

Jeans Skirt Stitches 5

Yes, I was stitching every piece on by hand with embroidery floss, letting the kantha stitch flow as far as it wanted in every direction. I’ve taken extra care not to hide any of the worn and frayed edges, because part of the charm (to me) is the shabby look of the cloth.

Here are a few more detail photos:
Jeans Skirt Edge
Jeans Skirt Stitches 2
Jeans Skirt Stitches 1
Jeans Skirt Stitches 7

Jeans Skirt Details
Jeans Skirt Patches and Embroidery

I loved stitching in this fabric, I love wearing this skirt!

This is not the first time I’ve worked with jeans cloth, but previously I haven’t done any clothings when recycling. You can view previous jeans projects here.

World Embroidery Day Celebration 2013
This was my July 30: World Embroidery Day. Coffee, cake, embroidery, lovely ladies and a creative spark to create.

I hope you’re having a great day too!


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  1. Jättefin! Men nu blir ju jag också sugen på att göra något liknande…. och jag har inte tid! Fast jag klagar egentligen inte. Det är underbart att det finns så mycket inspiration och så mycket jag vill göra :) Tack för det!

    • Tack Elin! Det tar en liten stund att klippa och nåla ihop ett par byxor till en kjol, men sedan att dekorera med stygn gör man ju framför tv:n. Min tog halva vintern att göra, men det gör ju inget. Kanske en idé att spara till vintern/hösten. :-)

  2. Thanks for educating me about World Embroidery Day, Hanna…I had no idea! I love what you did with your jeans, and I would love to do the same with one of my old pairs. A great look!

    • Thanks Andria, for your sweet comments. It was really fun to make my own skirt and there is SO much jeans inspiration on pinterest, just take a look on my DIY clothes board there. Yum!

  3. Superläckert, verkligen! Och detsamma kan man ju säga om den där läckra bakelsen … har du kanske nåt recept att dela med dig av? ;)

    • Tack för besöket Ulrika, trevligt att få lite svenska kommentarer också. Men något recept har jag inte att bjuda på tyvärr. Det är en köpebit det där, och inte ens min. Jag är mer kanelbulle-typen. :-)

  4. This is great, Hanna. I won’t date myself (lol) but back in the 1970’s my girlfriend and I did this with blue jeans but they were long skirts. Taking the seams out of the legs and filling in the segments with other material, sewn by hand, so they were very brightly” patchworked” in a way. The skirt was very full and flared out by the time all the material was added. They were fun to wear with boots and turtleneck and a belt. I just might have to try and recreate one of them again. Thanks for that memory.

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