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Eye Candy: More Slow Art

Today’s post is filled with black and white shades. Quite a change to the pink and green items I normally dive into, but it’s all good! I find myself drawn to black and white (clothes and patterns) a lot lately, so it’s also a reflection of what I find beautiful right now. Also because I […]

A visit to Nationalmuseum in Stockholm

Stockholm has been full of wonderful craft exhibitions this year. We’re celebrating the organisation Hemslöjden who is still going strong on its 100th year. I have been inspired by many of these exhibitions in diffrent ways, and today I thought I’d share a few photos from the one I most recently visited, called Slow Art. […]

Magic Feathers with Jude Hill

Magic feathers. Embroidery by iHanna 2011. Feathers are being collected from around the world! The Magic Feather Project is a collective stitching project focused on creative sharing and giving. It was started by Jude Hill who had the idea of making the black and white feather a symbol of something bigger than herself. She decided […]

Pink Embroidered Inchies

When you try to completely fill just one inch (2,54 centimeters) with embroidery stitches, you realize how time consuming embroidery really is. But don’t let that stop you. It is also meditative, reflective and time spent well. We are swapping inchies in my embroidery group, Embroidered Inchies. Inchies is a very small form of art […]

Under a pink moon

I’ve finished an artist trading card called Under a pink moon. Last year I wove two ATC backgrounds for embroidery, one is orange green the other one purple. The fabrics I used is hand dyed by Kristin Shields. I love all the colours I got from her. I call this ATC Under a pink moon […]

Finished Slow Cloth Art Piece

I was out walking with the camera this morning, thinking that I am so privileged to be surrounded with process. And the time to consider it. Jude Hill* The finished art quilt has a slight vintage look, even though the embroidery style is more contemporary. In my mind the blue hues works well together with […]

Weaving a Cloth Base

Loss makes artists of us all as we weave new patterns in the fabric of our lives. Greta W. Crosby Jude Hill is a fabric artists who makes slow cloth things. They are both smaller art quilts and large quilts in a very unique and artistic way. I have been a fan of her blog […]

Thoughts on Flow and Embroidery

This transparent make up bag is a great holder of my embroidery floss – I don’t need to empty it out to find the color I’m looking for – love that! Though maybe I need to organize my threads it a bit better some day… This summer I have been doing some free form embroidery, […]