Have you ever tried paper weaving? That is, weaving with strips of paper… No loom needed. It is super fun

Paper weaving made by iHanna, aka Hanna Andersson, Sweden

I have made a few little paper weavings lately. Just experimenting with strips of paper.; over, under, over, under…

First I created a small gray table cloth from strips of wall paper and now this little weave that I glued into my Colour Study Sketchbook. I created it with brayer painted water colour paper that has been laying around here since that experiment…

Weave of paper by iHanna

I like the look of papers together like this, it creates pattern, texture and interest very easily. Well just any kind of bits of painted paper fascinates me. I guess that’s why I love making collages. Combining different papers together and see how they work together.

Painted scraps in a row by iHanna